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How to download free psp games fron internet?

I want many psp games so please tell me if there is any way to download psp games for free from net.

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    First of all make sure if you have a custom firmware in your psp.Download and install it in your psp if you dont have it.and then format your memory stick from the psp.

    connect the psp to to the pc and then tranfer the iso or cso files to the iso folder which you will find in the memorystick!

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    Well you can if you have cusom firmware. There are many sites you can find just by using google. I googled free psp game downloads and used the 2nd one (sorry don't remember site). You can also make backups of your psp games but you need cfw (custom firmware). Here's a tutorial on how to do so:

    Youtube thumbnail

    All you need to do is just rent the games or borrow them from a friend and copy them to your memory sticks.

    Oh, and some of the sites are scams and torrents suck so I'd prefer you use the second option. Remember you can't do anything without cfw. The guy above says torrents are free but they do carry alot of viruses and have slow downloads

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    you can illegally not legally but for more details go to the PSP website.

    or type in google "free psp games" and u might be able to download them.

    BTW at CEX the shop u get PSP games for really cheap.

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    the answer is and, first you need a psp with custom firmware all ready installed, next download WINRAR to unzip your psp iso's, i recommend these two site bcuzz I've been using the for the past year, no problem, hit me up with any questions if u need help, OH and dOnt uses BIT TORRENT full of virus and worms, NO ITS NOT STEALING, SHARING IS CARING, UNLESS THEY CHARGE U FOR AN ISO LOL, MOVIE RENT STORES STEEL ALOT OF MONEY, BUY 1 MOVE N RENT IT 100X

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    U can download if from torrent sites such as

    first download utorrent from net.its free u can search in google and download it.

    second goto anyof the above websites and search for your psp games.

    download the torrent file of the game to your system.

    i think you have to become a member in demonoid to download torrent.

    however its free in other two sites.

    after downloading the file open utorrent u have downloaded and install.

    goto file and click add torrent.specify the location of your game file.

    as soon as u will start downloading in the location where you specified.

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    You can download them from then it is pretty simple after that, just download the file extract it to iso, and put it on your psp, here is a video,

    Youtube thumbnail

    You can also get more instructions on

    Have fun! And remember, if you mess up just try again :D

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    i download games for my PSP from this cool site

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    You can use torrents but it's always a better idea to get games legally. I use GPT sites to get games free.

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    go 2 type the game u want 2 download ...and i hope u will find psp version of dat game.........and i hope u know how 2 download torrent files.!

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