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this is my last day in thailand.what an awful experience it has been!let me tell you from the beginning.first of all,our alarm did not go off on the first day,so we missed our morning flight.we had to wait two hour for the nest flight.what a terrible srart1we were veryhungry by the time we arrived,so we went to a seafood restaurant near our hotel.the meal was enjoyable.however,i felt sick shortly after the measl and kept vomiting.i kept throwing up until two in the morning.after that,i felt very hungry but i dared not eat anything.what a night!

1. find a word in parahraph 1 that has a meaning similar to"terribe"

2.find a ward in paragaph 1 that has a meaning similar to"throwing up"

3. jason took a morning flight back hong kong. true?false?not give?

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    1. "awful" is a similar word to 'terrible'

    2. "vomiting" is a similar word to "throwing up"

    3. "False" because in the paragraph 1 mentioned "missed our morning flight".

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    **** 是不是上面只是部份文章? Because in the 文章沒有提及人物是 Jason. 如果沒有提及 Jason 這人物, 答案便是 "not given".

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    3.not give


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