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    『 first is technical view, it finger inferior regard to take over not and is wireless and distinct. Another circulation diagnosis is habit view. It denies audience to see , is wireless to be accustomed to , do not be willing revolving stage. Most the mythology of burning shame says that wireless certain duration radiation makes illness, frame is blank, but right now viewing rate still wins inferior regard ! as star view, the reform of past dynasties is tried , the star a error with unfortunately wireless turns pale. Recently, it is one, trying to dig star management layer pass , is inferior to regard , but also is a revolving stage loses effectiveness. The inferior dub regarded is lacked , programme seems to give old person home, is seen , programme is very bored, drawing quality than wireless misty is a lot of, most of is to purchase programme is inferior to regard the ten level of viewing rate take off, each take off recover Kuang, receiving to regard inertia start so one. Such as Hong Kong news television programme, according to stipulation, are you doing not have in turn? , inferior regard to broadcast to reflect , but a same programme, when it is inferior to regard play, viewing rate is wanted than wireless play time difference a big section. Inferior regard front for huge operation difficulty in lack long-term stabilize plenty of capital under hold, inferior regard if option put in plenty of resource realization drama fair and Zong skill programme, front impact without? Leading position, can only often seem transient , leave instant radiance just, because do you do not have? Can hold its solid resource and 巿 site advantage, run up similar programme quickly quickly , reserve audience with more huge propagative impetuous force, more prosperous star lineup and more rich prize case gift, reach Hou hair late to effect.

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    'first is a technology theory, it refers to Asia to regard receives wireless clear.

    Another circulation diagnosis is a custom theory. It depends the audience to look that becomes the custom wireless, is not willing the turnplate.

    The most great shame's myth said that the wireless some time interval emits Taiwan to go wrong, picture blank, but this time viewing ratio still won Asia to regard!

    As for the star theory, all previous dynasties reform has tried, is a pity only wireless star Taiwan then change colors.

    Recently one time, tried to dig star management Asia to regard, but was also a turnplate then loses the potency.

    Asia regards the dubbing good difference, the program to the old person looked probably, the program is very stuffy, draws the nature compared to wireless Mongolia many, the major part purchases the program

    Asia regards the viewing ratio to go up steps, becomes worse and worse, watches television the inertia not less than is one of causes. For example Hong Kong Broadcasting station television program, in does not have 綫, Asia according to the stipulation to regard the telecast in turn, but identical program, regards the broadcast when Asia the viewing ratio must compared to the wireless broadcast time difference a big truncation.

    Asia regards is facing the huge transport business to be difficult

    In lacks long-term and under the stable massive financial support, Asia regards, if the selective jettison massive resources manufacture anthology and the synthesis skill program, frontage impact does not have 綫 the leading positions, often can only resemble appear briefly, leave behind 剎 that ray, because does not have 綫 may pinch its abundant resources and 巿 the field superiority, produces in a hurry the similar program fast, by the huger propaganda momentum, the more prosperous star lineup, the richer prize cash as a present detains the audience, after achieving, sends first to effect.

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