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The process of merchandise in the network sale

Step1: Look for a favorite home page of the network sale.

Step2: The Lu-tien network auction or the yahoo network auction.

Step3: First, I choose the Lu-tien network auction and become the member in the sale home page.

Step4: Fill in our information and send our information to their web member center.

Step5: The web member center will to send a certification yard message to your cell phone.

Step6: Input the certification yard in the certification web page, so your certification will be successful.

Step7: E-mail certification is as same as cell phone certification, too. So you have to input the right E-mail address to the web member center. Otherwise you won’t do anything in the network sale.

Step8: You may sale your used-merchandise or new goods in the network sale.

Step9: Design to auction of the web page of the merchandise, for example: photograph, correct merchandise description, our bank or post office account number.

Step10: If anybody asks you some questions, you have to answer correctly.


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    網拍我會用online auction,還有我不知道你要的用途是

    非正式還是要正式的, 因為正式口語是不會用第一人稱的.

    The process of merchandise for online auctions

    Step 1: Look for a favorite website of online auctions

    Step 2: Examples are Ruten or Yahoo online auction websites

    Step 3: Register yourself to be the member of that website

    Step 4: Fill in the personal details webpage and the information

    entered will be sent to their account processing center.

    Step 5: A verification code will be sent to your cell phone after registration

    Step 6:Enter the code on the verification webpage so the verification process can be successful

    Step 7:E-mail verification also works the same way. The given email address has to be entered on the member webpage in order to be able to use their online auction services.

    Step 8: Anything from used to new can be put on for auctions

    Stpe9: Set up your auction page, for example, a photograph of the thing you want to sell, a clear description of it and your bank or post office account to which your buyers money will be sent.

    Step10: Answer correctly any queries about the thing you put for auction.


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    請版主先告知這是翻譯還是撰寫, 我對中文內容有所質疑.

    我覺得Step1/2/3根本就是同一步驟, 中文原文真的分為3個步驟嗎?

    此外, Step4~7只是註冊會員的步驟, 對於本標題"如何網路銷售"而言, 只需簡化為"註冊會員"一個Step就好, 似無需細述如何註冊.

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