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晟維 asked in 健康男性保健 · 1 decade ago

可以幫忙翻譯這些禿頭心得中文 變成英文嘛?



3.先將頭髮剪短些 頭皮才會比較容易吸收 頭皮吸收後 頭髮才 會長出來

4.先適當用力按摩頭皮 覺頭皮熱熱的 用右食指及中指沾ㄧ些髮霜 不要太多 否則感覺相當油 再來用2手 食指及中指 相碰做圓形輕微摩擦使髮霜均勻 然後直接適力按摩掉髮的地方 不要太用李 否則會掉髮

5.一天洗ㄧ次頭 效果最佳


7.擦髮霜4~5個月後 摸頭皮會感覺刺刺的 表示頭髮開始長出來

8.每天擦4次效果最好 每次塗抹2~3分鐘即可完成

9.絕對要有恆心 耐心 信心使用 慢慢的頭髮就會長出來 漸漸的變年輕多


....請不要 用 YAHOO 的段落翻譯


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    1. after the life normal

    2. sleep normal

    3. will clip the hair a scalp will be quite only then easy to absorb the scalp absorption, the hair only then to come out long first

    4. to make an effort the massage scalp to think that suitably first otherwise the scalp hot will moisten the right index finger and the middle finger to send the frost not to too many feel otherwise the suitable oil will use 2 index fingers and the middle finger again bumps makes the circular slight friction to cause to send the place which the frost even then direct suitable strength will massage sends not to too use Li to fall sends

    5.1 days to wash the effect best

    6. death anniversary to drink daily

    7. will scratch sends the frost 4~5 months later traces the scalp to be able to feel the thorn expression hairWill start to come out long

    8. to scratch 4 time effect to be best every day each time smudges 2~3 minutes then to complete

    9. to probably have the perseverance patient confidence use hair slowly long to come out gradually will change young many

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