Sid Meier's PIRATES! for pc controls help?

I just got Pirates! for pc and am having alot of fun so far, but am having some trouble with the controls.....i have a "Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard".......and for some reason CANNOT use NUMLOCK when in game its hard for me to do fights, dances and sailing and etc. when i cant even change the game control settings!!! can anyone tell me how i can change game controls for it? if not how can i get my keyboard to be compatible with the game?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok first thing is do you still have your instruction book? in the back page 134 and 135 is the game controls lists you can use your mouse to do the necessary moves in the {on screen keypad } like dancing just use mouse on the direction she hints at it actually will flash before you have to hit it so you know what one to use...there is also lists for dueling, sailing, land and ship battle... try to wiki sid Meier's pirates if you do not have the instruction might be there for you to see also...good luck !

    Source(s): sid meiers pirates instruction manual
  • 4 years ago

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