Is jackie chan a real martial artist? or is he just for show?

cause i am a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and purple in chinese kenpo but i was thinking if Jackie chan is a ligament fighter


but like can he fight for real or is that just stunts he does? is really in Kung Fu master

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    Jackie Chan has studied real Kung Fu for several years at the Beijing Opera. So he is pretty much for real. Jet Li on the other hand is just for show, since he studied Wushu which is just for show. If I'm not wrong Jackie Chan has mastered Nan quan and drunken boxing to a level he could do some damage. And just for information there is no such thing as chinese kenpo it's a japanese martial art. I live in and study martial arts in china, and everyone here has told me this. chinese might have just said it theirs to make money out of it (copyrights don't exist in china)

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    Jackie Chan Art

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    4 years ago

    Jackie Chan is known more for his acting skills than his MA skills. He started out doing Peking Opera. Its known for its actors doing flips and that sort for putting on a show than for actual self defense. Those skills helped him start off as a stuntman in films. He still does most of his own stunts which is an accomplishment for a person his age. He did learn a couple forms of Kung Fu but its considered mediocre at best. Donnie Yen on the other hand is known for his MA skills than his acting skills. He even commented that he likes working with real martial artists.

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    Haha. My friend, Jackie Chan is a real martial artist who trains every day of his life. He's also a very kind man and conveys "the-morale-of-the-story" through his films.

    And not too sure why you needed to address your rank?

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    you will have to check him out in movies like - Drunken master 2 ("Drunken master 1 was a joke compared to 2!") - Gorgeous it does show his martial abilities... my opinion is he is a good martial artist, a greater martial arts choreographer, BUT greatest in history, not way!! and as a "Real Martial Artist" Bruce Lee would be consider the best in our generation. But in the history of China there are many more martial artist which would have been considered better then Bruce. Monks from Shaolin, Taoist from Wudang, etc, etc...

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    hes real man.

    Kung Fu




    jackie is legit, he just doesnt show it the same way your typical martial arts actors do

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    He is a real martial artist and perfroms all his stunts in movies.

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    He's a real martial artist! xD He's awesome, one of my favorites.

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    He is real. He trained in kung fu for some time. However, many of the things he does in movies are stunts, although he performs them himself.

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    1 decade ago

    I think he's for real. It would be really hard to fake all that considering he's been acting for many years.

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