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Tips for steaming skin with water?

How do I do a good job of steaming my skin? can I use the tea herbs as herbs? (what I mean by steaming is taking boiling water and letting the steam open my pours)

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    Put a towel over your head to create kind of a "tent" so your face actually gets the effect of the steaming and so you create a heated and moist environment basically for your face so that your pores open up. After your pores have opened up you can wash your face with your cleanser and then rinse with cold water to close up your pores. Steam your face about once a week if you can. It's good for cleaning out and opening your pores. and I'm not sure about the herbs but I think a tea with antioxidants such as green or white tea should be even better for your skin. However I just use plain water. The job here is mainly just to open up your pores so I don't think you really need anything else in the mix here.

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    i fill my sink basin with hot water (not all the way) and i put my face just above the water and put a towel on the back of my head and over the sink basin so the steam won't escape. Or you could just take a hot shower.

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