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Was lobster really served to prisoners because it was not considered a delicacy? where? when?

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    I learned about this last year while visiting Maine...I think it rained the whole month of July then...I'm glad I was only there for 10 happened in colonial times in the New England States (especially Maine)...or so the story goes (depending on which state you are in)..some believe this a myth.

    Lobster was popular among Native Americans in the past. In years passed, lobsters were plentiful and were used by the Native Americans to fertilize their fields and they were used as bait for fishing.

    In colonial times, lobster was considered to be poverty food. They were harvested and were fed to children and prisoners. In most cases it was only the very poor people who ate lobster all the time. Not only were children and prisoners forced to live on lobster but also so were servants and slaves. Over time the servants rebelled and in some parts of the United States they had it put into their contracts that they would not be forced to eat only lobster. There was a time (colonial times) in Maine when state prisons served lobster several times a week to the dismay of the prisoners. In many of the mansions the servants also suffered the same abuse.

    In the early 1800's, people began catching lobster. Gathering the lobster by hand along the shoreline did lobstering, as it was called. Lobstering as a form of trap fishing did not come into effect until around 1850.

    Myth or reality? Perhaps a little of each.

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    Yep. It was in the prison state of Australia, during the early years. Lobsters were plentiful and easy to catch. They were also served to prisoners in Ste. Martine before the epicures discovered how tasty lobster could be.

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