R&P: Who would you rather make mad, passionate love to? (PART XI)!?

Beck or Jack White?

MQ: Beck or The White Stripes?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My arch enemy at the top chooses Beck, so I choose Mr. White. Me and Jack, after waving goodnight to Iggy and the MC5, proceed to stagger around the dirty streets of Detroit. After hitting up an all night cafe we go back to an old, dirty, abandonded apartment. I take his hat and he takes my heart. I'm his apple blossom and he gets behind me. Facial hair ravaging ensues in sandpapery adultery. On and on. Oooh John. I then fetch a canvas and paint with our passionate love sweat. All night and into the morning. He says I do not know what love is, so I slap him. Little did I know, he is into that kind of thing. Masochist sighs and groans. Sweet love! Love sweet love. Then it begins to rain and the roof leaks upon us, soothing the heat and fire we have made. On the bedpost horror and cuffed terror is only a watered down version. I was lucky enough to be in this scenario when Jukebox (a small version of Punch) called and asked to go to see a new foreign film they were showing. I had to decline as he has no knowledge of foreign film and just wanted to impress me. I turn to Jack and just laugh. He then disposes of himself and I follow out the door. WE are going to see this new film (to keep our high brow intellectual ways intact) and our arrival. We see pretentious conceptual art and hints of postmodern art. Metzger is there and I turn to see......Jukebox and his hideous leech, Beck. We catch each other's eyes and meet in the center. I spit out references to obscure 18th century literature and he starts to quote the "lesser known" beat poets and the like. I grab a bronze, beautifully made, spectacular, fantastic Bowie statue, made by a friend of mine, and begin to imaginary destroy it (as a form of art). Jukebox, now turned into the more hip and cool version of himself, Punch. He and Beck begin their vile, obscene shenanigans on the hair skin rug. Then they begin to speak in French. I am now aware of it all. It was a trick, THIS IS the foreign film he spoke of. I see the camera and I feel cheated. I reach into my invisible pocket and pull out an invisible bomb. I start it and place it on the invisible table and Jack and I walk out. I see the imaginary building blow up and imaginary pieces of Jukebox and Beck all around. Ah confetti!

    MQ: Thuh Wyte Strypes

  • 1 decade ago

    Jack White.

    MQ: White Stripes I guess. Beck's lyrics make noo sense. xD

  • Haha. Love these questions.

    Hmm..Gonna go with Jack White (but only with his shorter hair and no freaky facial hair) tehhee sorry Beck. You were my second choice!

    MA: White Stripes

  • Jack White ;D

    mq: The White Stripes

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Yeah, it's going to have to be Beck by process of elimination...

    MQ - White Stripes

    Source(s): I get way too excited by these questions. More! haha.
  • 1 decade ago

    I don't even consider this a real decision, as there is no thinking involved for me. Jack White ;)

    mq:The White Stripes

  • Punch
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    1 decade ago

    OMG lol

    this decision today is a tricky one, and matters of the heart must not be rushed....

    today I'm choosing the mysterious and sexy Beck...

    I was sitting in a disreputable Café with my arch enemy Like Gibberish on what I thought was just another afternoon. We spent yet another afternoon trying to out “elite” each other with references to obscure foreign Art movies and pretentious New York noise bands ( which is always entertaining because he pretends to get my references).

    When who appears at the bar but the mystifyingly cool Mr Beck.. sending drinks over to the table he shoots me a look that says.. “I find you interesting, but please get rid of your underage troll like friend”.. sending Gibb off to my apartment to do my laundry, Beck and I are free to get to know each other. Discovering a shared interest in The Dada art movement we spend the afternoon touring various Dadaist exhibits we retire to a spacious loft where after engaging in passionate kisses we fall to the floor and begin the act of love as only two men of such obvious physical fitness can attain. We are a sweaty, panting, spent mess when suddenly Gibb comes out of the closet ( literally) and falls to the floor.. Seems the little twerp was in the closet the whole time and witnessed everything.. Poor kid He’ll be scared for life now

    BTW: Terrific answer Gibb! (vomit)

    See ya back at the café, I need to give Beck a lift to the hotel

  • Daft
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    1 decade ago

    Hm...Jack White. Haha, what an interesting question.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Finally! Men again!

    Well, see here's the thing -

    Beck - aww, how adorable.

    Jack White - MMMMMMMMMMMM.

    Easy ; Jacl White [anyday ;D]

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jack White. I keep telling everyone he's hot but no one believes me.

    MQ: I can't decide.

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