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major league baseball game locations?

Do at least half of a major league baseball team's games take place at their home stadium?

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    Yes, 81 of every team's 162 games are played at their home ballpark.

    Once in a while, a team plays neutral site games, for example last year the Tampa Bay Rays played a 3 game series at Disney World.

    In 2003 and 2004 the Montreal Expos played some of their "home" games at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico.

    Additionally in 2007 the Cleveland Indians played 3 "home" games at Milwaukee's Miller Park due to a snow storm causing a cancelation of games at Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

    In 2008 the Houston Astros played 2 games at Miller Park in Milwaukee because of Hurricane Ike.

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    Yes. 162 game schedule equates to 81 home/81 away games.

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    Yep. Exactly half., except under most unusual circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions.

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