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Womanizers and Bimbos, is open marriage the answer?

You can't change them.They would happier together.

My plan would make every person who had more than 20 sex partners get a computer chip, implanted under their skin.

Monogamists, ( one lover, long term types ) could avoid them like the plague. And save a lot of tears and broken hearts.

Of course the bimbos & womanizers would free to hook up in "open marriages" and shag themselves silly.

Tell me you like this plan. I can see my little red light blinking now. BIMBO ALERT..... BIMBO ALERT ! ! !


Meagan, why get married ?companionship, children, health benifits not just sex.

Update 2:

Fereshte, cigarette, alcohole,shopping,gambaling, and drug addictions are hard too stop. But a sex addiction is easy ? As soon as your married you quit and never look back ? BULLSH*T !

Update 3:

Open marriage, is not cheating. It's doing it together. Your rules, your comfort level.

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    I think that an open marriage could actually work if the people in it were above and beyond being jealous. Ironically, I think that the first people who would want an open marriage are the ones who would be the worst ones to have it.

    Ultimately anyone who says let's get married but still nail other people are just looking to destroy the marriage before it even begins -- the damaged goods sort who always look to sabotage and for drama.

    I would not do it. I would rather be George Clooney and never get married.

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    The number of sexual partners you have before marriage is irrelevent. Once you marry, you settle down with the person you have chosen. All the men who asked me to marry them were aware of my past sexual partners, it wasn't something i ever tried to conceal, and in any case most of the men I went out with belonged to the same historical reenactment society and all knew each other anyway. A lot of them had been out with each other's girlfriends or wives at one time or another. Having a secret sex life wasn't an option.

    to suggest that someone who has an active sex life before marriage is inevitably going to be unfaithful is flawed logic. As it is to suggest that someone who has never had anothr sexual partner will never be unfaithful after marriage. For instance, I had an aunt who got married very young, and as far as I know her husband had never been with anyone other than her. But 35 years later he left her for a woman 30 years his junior. There are no guarantees in this life.

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    Just because someone has had a certain amount of partners doesn't mean they can't settle down. In fact, I'd argue that most of them have sown their wild oats, been there done that sort of thing and got the wildness out of their system. Amount of partners does not mean one will or will not cheat. That's like saying someone with one or two partners will never cheat. Sounds stupid.

    People cheat because they're low, despicable, and, in a nut shell, complete @ssholes. Partner count means nothing in that equation.

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    I had loads of sex before I married and i have been with my husband for nearly 6 and a half years and have never cheated. Your logic is silly cause when you meet your husband you just have all the sex with them and wear them out ;)

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    I've never understood the open marriage concept. Why get married in the first place if you just want to bang other people?

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    I'm a monogomist. I own my own sexuality and I love and respect only one man enough to allow him to partake of it.

    And I enjoy the fact that he loves and respects only me enough to partake of his.

    Making love to a spouse should be special..what's special about it if they've had 12 other partners that week?

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