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Why is the FDA Targeting e-cigarettes when it is obvious they are much safer?

Do you think the e-cigarette should be banned when it has helped thousands quit smoking cigarettes that have over 4000 harmful chemicals over the e-cigarette that has safe ingredients? I bought mine at http://www.ecigaretteschoice.com/ over 3 weeks ago and have not lit a real cigarette since I got it, and I can breath again. So why should they be banned?

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    Because the big cigarette corporations pay off the FDA to let them stay in business ( why else would they ban marijuana and allow cancer sticks?) and the e-cigarettes would hurt their pocket books!

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    I have never used tobacco, but I am strongly in favor of the new e-cigarettes. I have many friends who smoke, and some of my children, do, too, and I would rather they use e-cigarettes than the "coffin nails" marketed as "death, light".

    An alternative approach could be to require tobacco corporations to remove 100% of nicotine from their toxic products over a period of years, so that smokers would have a real choice. Addiction is not a choice; it just appears to be.

    Nicotine is ten thousand times more addictive than heroin. Ask any addiction specialist.

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    It must go through expensive testing that will bankrupt them first, so that a large corp can buy them out cheap ...

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    The government is made up of idiots.

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