Why do I hate Sundays? Does anyone else hate Sundays?

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People always say that they hate MONDAYS, but I don't mind them. It's like "Okay, it is Monday, the start of the work-week, and then Friday will come again." ...show more
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Yes... the whole day is ruined with the dread we have in the back of our minds knowing we can't put off your work/homework the next day, and we have to wake up early.
Also, everything is closed or closes early on a Sunday.
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  • Dean answered 5 years ago
    i hate sundays too. I don't hate mondays though. (Somehow i don't love them either...) But if my work week started on wednesday, i would just hate tuesdays. i especially hate sunday evenings.
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  • caty answered 5 years ago
    i hate sundays too!!!! i think its because a whole week of work is coming and also there isnt much to do on sunday everything is closed no mail........ nothing~
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  • mystic k answered 5 years ago
    I'm the same. I love Friday evening...then the apprehension for Sunday- the LAST day of my free time...sets in around Saturday afternoon. XD.
    On monday I'm just like "oh, yeah, the days will pass okay..."
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  • frostbite answered 5 years ago
    Yeah Sundays suck.

    Interesting you worry about working and start on Weds. I remember reading a question about this same "Sunday phobia" from another person. I think it's just engrained. By the time Monday comes you're on your way.

    I still like Sundays because I get to do what I want though.
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  • Prof L answered 5 years ago
    I personally love Sundays, but my roommate/ex-boyfriend hates them, and gets in a bad funk a lot of the time. I think it might be partially having not accomplished enough the week before, and knowing how much has to get done the week coming as a result. Not sure though, he isn't sure himself. Stuff does get in your head though, even though I work weekends I still look forward to Friday, its still Friday.
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  • Russell answered 5 years ago
    I hate Sundays because I get my paychecks on Saturdays and have to wait until Monday for the bank to be open to cash it. So, when I have next to nothing in my account, I can't go out and have fun on Sundays.
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  • JoRo answered 7 days ago
    Sundays is the what I hate and dislike with most passion at par with any holiday. People are in their worst behaving; even being off while I have to work in retail for them for the all my life so far. I think they are the most angry and moody while being ungrateful. In my opinion... they should enjoy it outdoors and not ruining it for those stuck on working for them; as they leave shopping to the last minute while we have 24/7 internet shops. I know I would be playing at the beach,lake or river!.
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  • NY SPORTS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! answered 5 years ago
    I enjoy them because i do part time work on Saturday, but the reason is because you are thinking about going to work tomorrow and you begin to stress. Just watch TV and pretty much be a couch potato and enjoy. Make sure you get to sleep early though.
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  • B. S. answered 5 years ago
    Yes it happens to me too, only my problem is with guilt I ought to go to Church. When I go to church it's a long or boring sermon. and if I don't go there is the guilt about should I have gone, Am I putting my soul in jeopardy
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  • Lunaka [Accio DT] answered 5 years ago
    Sunday has been my only free day this year, so I'd have to disagree! However, I don't hate Mondays, since they're usually my easiest days next to Sunday!
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  • M3L answered 5 years ago
    maybe yur just werid....
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