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Gaming mouse vs Regular Mouse?

So I like playing some games like Dawn of War II and Call of Duty 4 (i know its weird >_<) and i use a regular microsoft black mouse.

i was wondering if a g-5 gaming mouse or something like that would make a large difference compared to my current mouse?

thanks :]

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  • Crysis
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    Most "gaming mouses" are simply high-DPI mouses. That means you'll be able to move the mouse more smoothly.

    Personally, there is a noticeable difference. the "feel" is much more smooth.

  • Josh
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    Gaming mice are generally more sensitive then normal mice, which is useful for people playing first or third-person shooters, where every millisecond counts. However, unless you are playing at professional level, it's generally not required, and doesn't make an excessive amount of difference either way. Gaming mice also tend to have extra buttons to bind to useful functions, so that may come in useful for you if you don't like the current binding system for your games. If you do plan on buying a gaming mouse (I'm assuming you're not playing at a professional level, i.e. serious clans, playing in tournaments for cash prices, etc.) then look out for a cheap one, rather then spending a lot of money on a more expensive model. I happen to own both a Logitech G5 and a Saitek Cyborg, but I still prefer to play with my £5 ($10) Trust Predator 90% of the time.

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  • Anonymous
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    Gaming mouses are more sensitive, if you move them a little, the response will be quicker and with more precision

  • Anonymous
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    Yes it would. I have a logitech G3 Gaming mouse sooner upgrading to a razer deathadder.

    it would. more comfortable, and for me faster response time in-game

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