Why does the media make it seem blacks have lower grad rates then Hispanics?

60% of hispanics graduate high school compared to 82% of native born black graduate..The gap has been steadily closing on whites.

In fact only around 50% of people of Mexican decent graduate HS, compared to 74% or Puerto Ricans and 80% for Cuban decent.


You incorrect. Blacks have higher college grad rates too. 18% for blacks, 12% for hispanics.

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    Good question and awareness..

    I have doubts about anonshoharim's conclusions and even his education..with a statement like that.

    Most people know from the research done in HS and College level sophomore and junior level economics, government, and history classes about the size of the Black population in the States..and what the issues have been and still are..

    But to answer it...

    If less Blacks are under represented .. those that depend on the statistic will be inclined to give less resources to the under represented people.

    A quota system (Affirmative action.. and the representative percentage system (EEO)will only have to let less Blacks access their colleges because the stats are suppose to represent the surrounding population.

    High Schools receive less community support geared for the various minority support systems due to under representation.

    The media has its reasons as well.. Politicians create a need and then benefit from being on committees to correct the needs.

    Commercial space is sold based on the information as well. ..Hello Charter schools and other help for issues addressing minorities... all which now advertise vigorously..

    African Americans have been graduating from high school at an improved rate.

    Colleges do have a higher number.. the census is also under represented as well as much of their information takes years to verify.

    These are the rates at HBU's with comparative & competitive degree/ grads. opposed to the grad rates of predominantly White institutions..

    These are pwi and HBU with gaps listed..

    # Schools With Small Graduation Rate Gap (pdf)

    # Schools With Large Graduation Rate Gap (pdf)

    # HBCU Graduation Rates (pdf)

    * Spelman College--77%

    * Claflin College--57% (last reported 72%)

    * Bennett College--57%

    * Hampton University--56%

    * Morehouse College--55%

    * Xavier University--54%

    * Howard University--54%

    * Clark-Atlanta University--53%

    * Tuskegee University--49%

    * Elizabeth City State University--48%

    * Talladega College--47%

    * Lincoln University--47%

    * Fisk University--46%

    * Lane College--45%

    * North Carolina State University--44%

    * North Carolina A & T University--44%

    * Louisiana State University-Shreveport--44%

    * North Carolina Central University--43%

    * Grambling State University--43%

    * Florida A & M University--42%

    * Voorhees College--42%

    * Rust College--41%

    * Barber Scotia College--41%

    * Fayetteville State University--39%

    * Shaw University--38%

    * Winston-Salem State University--37%

    * Savannah State University--35%

    * Stillman College--34%

    * Dillard University--34%

    * Morgan State University--33%

    * Jackson State University--33%

    * Alabama A & M University--33%

    * Morris College--33%

    * Bethune-Cookman--32%

    * Bowie State University--31%

    * Paine College--31%

    * Virginia State University--30%

    * LeMoyne-Owen College--30%

    * Tougaloo College--30%

    * University of Maryland at Eastern Shore--29%

    * Pairie View A & M University--28%

    * John C. Smith University--27%

    * St. Augustine's College--26%

    * St. Paul's College--26%

    * Cheyney University of PA--25%

    * Huston-Tillotson College--25%

    * Norfolk State University--24%

    * Virginia Union University--22%

    * Wiley College--21%

    * Jarvis Christian College--19%

    * Alabama State University--19%

    * Philander Smith College--15%

    * Miles College--9%

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  • Flabio
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    I never answer in a mean way, but I can't think of any reason why you would ask this. The only I do think is that you are racist towards Hispanics.

    First of all, maybe it's because you can't spell or write English correctly. The correct way to write your question is like this:

    Why does the media make it seem that Blacks have lower graduation rates than Hispanics?

    THAN - not 'then'

    Secondly, nobody really cares. Millions of studies can be made and show that Blacks are bad in school, but that doesn't mean all of them are like that. Neither does it mean that Hispanics are better than Blacks.

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    What was the point of this question? Even the most illiterate people can earn a high school diploma. What you do with the diploma, and your life, is what matters. The "education equals success" bit is a myth. My mom's friend is a high school dropout, and now she makes over 100-grand a year. Having an education doesn't make you a better person either.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In my psychology class, we went over a lot of statistics. Unfortunately, blacks and hispanics seem to always fall on the poorer side. Lower test grades, drop out rates... I dont understand why. Its almost like society likes to keep these people down, and its not fair. Lots of hispanics and blacks go to college and become successful. Its almost like people concentrate on just the bad stuff.

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    Instead of looking at these statistics its better to understand the root cause of the mental segregation

    We need to throw harmful thoughts and ways of thinking out the window meaning some cultures that are spawned through hollywood and music such as the hip hop culture, gothic, rock etc that divde men need to be thrown away. We need to look to move forward with an intelligent approach to humanity then we will see equality. Religion strives to do this, but in a secular society religion looses all power so its up us as individuals to move in this direction

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    high school graduates are not that important. look at the college graduates. hispanics are 1% higher than blacks. either way they are both at the bottom which is sad considering their population in the US is big.

    EDIT: lol...blacks dont have an 18% college grad rate. i agree with the guy under me usually asian and indian immigrants have higher graduation rates. i think ppl forget also about middle eastern immigrants who have just barely a 51% college graduation rate with 30% of post graduate degree. everyone in my family has perfect grades and no one has a bachelor's its all master's and higher.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think that is a hispanic stereotype actually that they are high school drop outs which does apply for about 15% of my hispanic friends. I dont know why but i think we should be more concerned about how can we change that and emphasize the importance of education in both the latino and black community.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Who cares Asian and Indian immigrants beat everyone

    What is the point in competing for last place lol?

    Cubans have 27% though

    You are fighting for last place 18% is pathetic

    Every group should have over 50% like the Asians

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    blacks can be hispanic. A hispanic can be black.

    black mexican:

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  • 1 decade ago

    it Doesn't matter you can't even spell.

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