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HP printer won't print anything but emails and web pages...Word pages won't print?

My friend has a PC. The printer is an HP. She can only get web pages and emails to print - when she tries to print Word documents, the pages spit out blank. What is up? Please give very detailed directions for fixing this - we are not computer "geeks"! Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. What is the model of your printer? HP is the brand, need the model also.

    2. Has anything changed recently .... upgraded to Vista? new Computer?

    3. What version of Word is this?

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  • onita
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    3 years ago

    Open up the what you opt to print Left click and spotlight the two section or the full section you elect revealed appropriate click the highlighted section and click print preview substitute the container "As laid out on show" to "As chosen on show" doing this allow you to print all or section reckoning on what's highlighted interior the container shrink to in large condition, substitute it to strengthen or shrink the dimensions font which you rather opt to apply click print, and circulate to web site selection, and confirm you upload a dot to elect click print

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