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What percentage of authors get published?

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    About 0.0002 percent of all new fiction writing authors actually get anything published. I have had manuscripts for three major stories turned down so many times that I now no longer bother submitting them.

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    Depends what you call an "author". If you extend the definition to include anyone who describes themselves as an author, even if they are fifteen years old and their latest "book" is 30 pages of plot-free dross about adolescent vampires, wizards, or their super-charged self being a popular heroic success at everything they try, then it's so close to zero that statistically it's not worth your while even opening up Word.

    Most grown-ups who call themselves authors have been published, but usually not the way you might think. Often they write a column for their local paper or a magazine or some other kind of non-fiction writing, or maybe the odd short story here and there (also in a throwaway magazine) while dreaming of getting their actual book published one day.

    A friend of mine recently had to describe a gilt-encrusted candle in 150 words, for a catalogue selling cheap tat like gilt-encrusted candles to people with more money than sense. He got a 2:1 in English, and that's what he's ended up doing.

    Sensible advice is not to give up your day-job until you have actually had a book published and it's sold well and got good reviews. Until then, enjoy writing as a hobby.

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    Every publisher has a slush pile of unrequested manuscripts. An itern usually reads through them, and can choose no more than one in a hundred to pass on to a (very) junior editor. The chances of being published from the unsolicited pile is less than one in 500. These days, it seems to be a lot less.

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    As an author and author, you would be able to desire to ensure your grammar is close to perfect. Publishers and brokers purely won't settle for grammar errors, rather undemanding-to-evade-ones like changing tenses. They take that as an illustration of an beginner author. once you deliver out question letters to brokers and that they spot particularly a huge variety grammar errors, they gained't characterize you by way of fact it will provide them a foul rep. particularly some authors purely carelessly make grammar errors by way of fact they think of "that's what the editor is for." (Yeah. No.) i could advise taking a imaginative writing classification or getting a grammar e book ("Woe Is I" via Patricia O'Connor is one in all my favorites). i'm not asserting which you may not have any, yet ensure you particularly look for them and bypass over your writing with a great-the tooth comb. (i could think of five for the period of a one hundred,000 notice novel could be ok?) If it is your first draft in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, grammar errors are fantastic. purely ensure you edit, edit, edit.

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    Over 9000.

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    I dunno. Hard to say. Many people probably send work off to publishers and few probably get published. However, a lot of people self publish now

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