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how to dye hair blonde from burnett.?

ok. so im a medium Burnett and want to go blonde. not like bleach blonde or anything but natural blonde. now i was googleing how to do this and i decided to just buy a box and do it myself. but do i have to bleach my hair first or can i just open the box and go?

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    You are missing the whole point right from the start! There is so much you need to know.

    As you know, you cannot dye hair blonde! That is a misnomer. Dye means to make it darker, to add colour pigments. It can never be lighter, by definition. What you are talking about, to make hair lighter, is bleaching. You can use a "better sounding" word, but it is still bleaching. You either add colour or remove colour. You cannot do anything else with hair colour.

    Since you have dark hair, with a lot of yellow, red, and blue in it, when you bleach it, the blue comes out first. That leaves yellow and red... which makes a lovely bright orange (or people call it ginger). If that is what you want, fine. If you want something softer, without the orange, you are going to have to bleach it much lighter, and then add the tones that you need. This is a two-step process. You cannot do it otherwise -- there are no shortcuts.

    I really have no idea why you are attempting this on your own, when you don't even know the right words. You always have a consultation with a professional hair colourist before you decide what to do. This is a given. Everyone knows that. They can see you, they can do a proper analysis on your hair, they will know of better colours, they can tell you about after-care, about touch-ups, about cost. You need to know all this before you start -- ask them how to get rid of it as well. (hint: lightening is permanent)

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    Is the brown a dye already?

    If so... color does not cover color and you will need to bleach it out.

    But if this is your first time, yes it will cover it, but you will want to read the directions thru and dont over process the color. If that happens you will pull a much much lighter color on your roots than your ends.

    It will eventually tone together.

    The color on the back of the box is a estimate on what the color will turn out to be. Longer you leave it on, the more it will process and the lighter it will be, the less you leave it on... you might be lucky if you pull the highlights of the color... or even cover up.

    Try a strand test and see if you like the results before you do your whole head.

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    when i went blonde from black i bought a pre lightener first and then put a dark blonde on top :)

    but if your hair is like, brown it should be easier. Just go the shop an buy light blonde, it should turn out darker cause your natural hair is dark. infact, it'll tell you on the side of the pack what colour itl turn out to be depending on your hair colour :)


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    If it's only medium brown, I'd just do it, open the box and go, but beware... It might go ginger! So test it out first, and if it does, then just don't use all of it up, and re-do it if you have to (:


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