John was after Peter. Who was after John?

Did the church go into an apostasy after the death of the apostles and prophets died? The Bible speaks of the last dispensation of the gospel. does that mean a restoration? The Lord restored His church with Apostles and Prophets through Joseph Smith. (


13 million Christians agree. Latter-day Saints ( members of the Lord's church were called saints) qre members of the Lord's church as it has been restored and are certainly Christian

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    It appears that John was the last living Apostle, but I could be mistaken. There are no records that the twelve filled the council in later times, except _maybe_ for the inclusion of Paul (from his own record).

    The Catholic claim is that Peter was followed by a solid line of Bishops (later called Popes) in Rome, but there is some dispute that Peter was even in Rome (there is no Biblical evidence), much less, the bishop of the church there.

    With the loss of the Apostles, the authority Christ had bestowed upon them through Peter, would have been lost, except the lesser authority over individual churches.

    There is strong evidence that some of the early practices in the Church, were discontinued in the later Church. Baptism was definitely changed and modified -- I have read the writings of the "fathers" which clearly show a transition from immersion and baptism for the remission of sins, through to sprinkling and then to infants with "god parents" standing in proxy for the infant's commitment to living the Gospel. Those changes would represent a "falling away" from the original.

    Dispensations appear to be led by various church leaders. The Church could consider each Pope to be the leader of a "dispensation" in which the Papal authority is exercised to bring about an enlightenment of the people. The Bible isn't particularly clear on that.

    If there was a falling away, such as when Israel was in Egypt, then yes, I would expect a prophet to be called by God to re-establish the commandments with clarity for that people.

    We are left, right now, with a book in which the latest work is a little over 1900 years old (John wrote his Gospel while in exile on Patmos and most scholars believe it to be about 90 CE). Most Christians appeal to the Bible for their authority, but that leaves us cold concerning today's issues. It is also very sketchy in a number of areas where administration of the church is concerned (which is one reason why the Catholics have Canon Law).

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    Read this instead: Brian Mackert's book, "Illegitimate" ( ) and you will get your 'answers'.

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    Christians will dispute your conclusions.

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