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Runescape: A root springs from the ground by your feet. What could have caused that?

This has happened to me twice in rs when im just walking around... once it was in the G.E. and once it was in lumbridge swamps... wtf is this??!?!


It isnt an emote.... it just happens while your walking and these huge roots come up behind you like they are trying to grab you.... the part where it says "A root springs from the ground by your feet. What could have caused that?" you can see that in the chat box...

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    Direct quote from Jagex -

    Evil trees sprout around common Woodcutting areas and close to major paths, but are not terribly obvious until they reach maturity (at which point their terrifying visage makes them difficult to miss). If you are passing by an area in which one is growing, you may notice a small root burst from the ground and attempt to grab your ankles. Aside from being a malicious thing to do, this is an indication that one is close by.

    You can also talk to the spirit trees to discover where one is likely to be, and when it has reached maturity, they will offer to teleport you directly to the arborist’s nightmare.

    The first stage of an evil tree’s growth is as a sapling (which is entirely unsurprising: it may well be wicked and vicious, but it is still a tree). During this time, the leprechaun will merrily wander about asking passing adventurers to help nurture it. Anyone with the required Farming level can nurture the sapling without any tools simply by clicking on it.

    There are five growth stages before the sapling expresses its true nature, at which point you should discover that its thrashing roots prevent you from directly harming the tree itself. In order to get access to the tree, you will need to use an axe to hack the roots away.

    Each set of roots cut back will become kindling, which you can then use to set a fire at the base of the tree. The roots will grow back after some time, knocking back anyone attacking the tree nearby.

    When the tree is denuded of some of its roots, you can set fires as noted above or use your axe to hack into its bark. Harming a tree in either way requires a Woodcutting or Firemaking level


    So basically, you do not have to worry about these roots unless you are looking for Evil Trees.

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    It could be an emote by a member.

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