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Anyone considering Hugh Down's new book on "secret" medical miracles?

Beware... The advertising for this book appears to be very misleading. The first item claims to be about a heart disease treatment that a Dr Ignarro received a Nobel Prize for. Ignarro did receive a Nobel prize with 2 other scientists in 1998 for their work on nitric oxide (NO) but it is not clear that this is a miracle treatment for heart disease. The claim that big companies are keeping this secret because it is too cheap is not telling the whole truth. According to Wikipedia, Dr Ignarro is financially involved with Herbalife and serves on a committee for a French pharmacuetical company. If this book Hugh Downs is promoting is full of similar claims about similarly questionable items, it sounds like a scam to me. Caveat emptor!

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    Yes, beware. Be especially aware of how Wikipedia works...

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    Have not heard of it until now. With Hugh's reputation alone that sparks an interest for me to read. Do you remember the pine bark that all the physicians across the country claimed was miraculous? Same concept. Money talks and bs walks.

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