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Scientology in russia?

why did russia had to obey to the human rights courts in strassbourg to allow those weirdos in russia?!

1. its not human rights. its not like those were violated. crazy sects are forbidden in many places.

if anything it should be imaginary alien overlord rights, which dont apply on this planet.

2. its not a religious organization, its a scam designed by a sci fi writer to take peoples money.

3. why dont the human rights court rule to allow scientology in places like saudi arabia?

4. knowing the authority of the russian state - why didnt they just not care

5. this is not the 1st time that the human rights court in strassbourg has ruled in favor of scientology. have they been infiltrated, too?


religious freedom is cool. but scientology is not a religion. its a scam. it takes peoples money for personal gain and brainwashes members. thats a cult/sect and by far not a religion!

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    The point of the ECHR decision wasn't that scientology *must be allowed religious status in Russia* but rather that teh Russian authorities must at the least consider its application. In practice they rejected scientology's application. I rather suspect that Russian authorities will reject any future application after giving it due consideration.

    1. The right violated in this case were proceedural rights. The UK charities commission was perfectly able to reject scientology's application, and it's decision has never been challenged. Russian authorities should be able to do the same, but they still have to *consider* the application.

    2. It's always awkward with scientology to categorize scientology - and its religious status really depends on the laws of the host country. France for example has a "cult" category into which scientology falls.

    3. Saudi Arabia is not a signatory of the European Convention on Human Rights, therefore it is outside the European Court of Human Right's jurisdiction.

    4. I doubt that the Russian state will let the matter drop. Even with less controversial decisions, a government's usual reaction to a judicial challenge of their decisions is to make the same decision again, but adjust their reasoning so that the decision will survive a further challenge.

    5. Unlikely. The judges of the ECHR change from time to time. Much more telling is the number of ocassions decisions about scientology have not be taken to the ECHR - for example the UK charities comission decision. Such decision simply aren't challenged because scientology knows it would loose, and possibly attract adverse comment.

    @Thetaalways: *European* court of human rights. Perhaps more word clearing is in order.

    @Theta Works: The crusades and heretic burning were both *based* on religious belief. Freedom of religion has limits:

    Article 9, para 2: "subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order health or morals or for the protection of the rights of others".

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    Good to know the International Court for Human Rights is doing it's job.

    They are obviously better informed than yourself about this religion, and actually upholding their mandate to protect us from intolerance and violations of religious freedom, which is by the way still a basic Human Right.

    FYI Scientology has been expanding in Russia since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Maybe you object to that historical act in the name of human rights too ?!

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    How's God's Wonderful Railway going Issie?

    I think Russia would like to join the EEC at some time. Saudi Arabia knows it's got no chance of that so it does as it likes.

    Did you know the United Kingdom booted L.Ron out as an undesirable ALIEN?

    Ironic, isn't it?

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    Freedom of Religion is still a basic human right. If you object to that then you probably wouldn't mind if you were told that you have to belong to the Church of England or be burned at the stake as a heretic.

    You're only one small tiny little step from being just like the Inquisitors of Spain or a promoter of the Crusades.

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    Scientology has met it's match! Russian's will eat alive!

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    In soviet russia the church of scientology gives large amounts of money to you!

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