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What is the top speed of a sheep?

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    Well to be honest it really depends on the type of sheep. I mean the ordinary Australian marino sheep can go about 25km/h but the world acclaimed Shivalatanian Hobag Sheep can go up to 95km/h, but since the great foot and mouth plague of 2007, there are only about 250 of them left.

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    1 decade ago

    It depends on the species.

    The one in this news story ran at over 30 miles per hour while being chased.


    German police were left stunned after a sheep outran their patrol cars and beat up their dogs.

    Officers in the village of Guester say the animal ran through the streets of the town at more than 30mph and reportedly leapt over the bonnets of cars used as a road block to cut off its escape.

    It even head butted pursuing police dogs so they would get out of its way.

    Officers eventually caught up with it after it jumped into a field and started tucking into the grass.

    A police spokesman said: "It was not an easy pursuit. The animal had quite a turn of speed on it. We have appealed for its owner to come forward."

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  • Alby
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    1 decade ago

    Before or after it has been hooked up on the conveyor belt?

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  • about 30km/h or, if your shivalatanian, 28573 lokenboks/h

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    um...who cares...unless he owns one who has run away...


    lolz :)

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