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Why does this player wear a skirt like this?

This is Martina Hingis playing tennis, a photo I saw while on a tennis website:

Don't you think she'd be embarassed to be photoed like this? Why does she wear such a short skirt? I know players have to move around but you don't need a skirt to show your butt to move around. How would you feel if you were her? Don't you think it's embarssing for kids to watch this?

A few people have said the photo must be a fake, but it's not - I haven't been there but I'm told you can go to to see her playing that game.

Thanks for reading.

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    This question has been asked here for don't-know-how-many times.. I couldn't bother myself to answer again.. U view the video, that's it, it's what she did, not u.. Get a life..

    ~Sorry my answer's a lil emo today~

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    so, you managed to dig one of hingis's most embarassing photo file..but you didn't get the real story... your lucky i was already very into tennis at that time...

    here's the story...

    hingis at that time was already very famous, many people thought that she was pretty and sexy, but kournikova started to dethrone her on those categories, the press and the fans would rather watch a kournikova match rather than a hingis match, so hingis wanting to have a share of the pie upped the ante... she tried to pull a butt-revealing number in wimbledon, she got what she wanted at that time, but the media especially the brits didn't just focus on her match, they focused on her butt..

    now... hingis, a bit older and wiser, doesn't wanna to talk about that...

    oh well... charge to experience...

    Source(s): history...
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    It seems to be part of the womens game. Have you ever noticed that the photos of womens tennis that make the newspapers are always those players wearing the skimpy skirts.

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    I seriously can't tolerate with skirts like these. And it's a shame that there are over 50 photographers around the court taking pictures of you in different places. Sometimes it tells me that some of them could be perverts >_>

    Images like those seem to be popping up everyday. Common ones are Kim Clijsters and Jelena Dokic.

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    Uhh... Why isn't she wearing any underwear?

    G-strings? They are not comfortable to wear for a match.

    I think the butt is photoshopped, but the really short skirt is real.

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    she probably wants attention.

    im not sure.

    its knida weird

    i know, she doesnt need it that short! gosh

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    Nobody is complaining, you are the first.

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    Well she has something cute to show.

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    that can't be comfortable.

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