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A more promising variation uses a stirling engine to produce power. Unlike a car's internal combustion engine, in which gasoline exploding inside the engine produces heat that causes the air inside the engine to expand and push out on the pistons, a stirling engine produces heat by way of mirrors that reflect sunlight on the outside of the engine. These dish-stirling generators produce about 30 kilowatts of power, and can be used to replace diesel generators in remote locations.

The third type of concentrator system is a central receiver. One such plant in California features a "power tower" design in which a 17-acre field of mirrors concentrates sunlight on the top of an 80-meter tower. The intense heat boils water, producing steam that drives a 10-megawatt generator at the base of the tower. The first version of this facility, Solar One, operated from 1982 to 1988 but had a number of problems. Reconfigured as Solar Two during the early to mid-1990s, the facility is successfully demonstrating the ability to collect and store solar energy efficiently.[5] Solar Two's success has opened the door for further development of this technology.

麻煩翻譯一下 報告用的 謝謝喔

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    翻譯: 更加有為的變異使用一個stirling引擎导致力量。 不同於汽車的内燃机,爆炸在引擎裡面的汽油导致熱在活塞造成在引擎裡面的空氣擴展和推出, stirling引擎通過反射在引擎的外部的陽光的鏡子导致熱。 這些盤stirling發電器在远程位置导致大约30千瓦力量,并且可以使用替換柴油發電器。

    集中器系統的第三種类型是一臺中央接收器。 一棵這樣植物在加利福尼亞以&quot為特色; 力量tower" 設計在哪些鏡子的17英畝領域在80米塔的上面集中陽光。 酷热煮沸水,生產駕駛10兆瓦發電器在塔的基地的蒸汽。 這種設施,太陽一个的第一個版本,管理從1982年到1988年,但是有一定數量的問題。 重新構造作為太陽二在前期間對20世紀90年代中期,設施順利地展示能力高效率地收集和存放太陽能。[5]太陽二成功打開了這技術的更加进一步的發展的門。

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