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在我的世界 綁住孤單


但只能 怪自己活該



但他總說 是我想太多

























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    Want to leave of but don't leave

    Think a grasping love but grasp not to live

    My love's another that direction in world is so faraway

    He killed in my heart

    Tie up loneliness in my world {Tie up in my world solitary}

    My story is very helpless

    But can only strange oneself is what a suck

    My asking me should use what method by myself

    To face this all varieties

    But he always says is that I think to be too many

    But he didn't really love me

    Probably is that I think by myself too many but I also say like this

    Because this is the only reason that can comfort me

    We once regretted disappointment

    Excuse of arguing too impressive-looking

    We once time body Lin the wound lost hand over gather

    Also lose a direction

    Recollection at the beginning our good and bad

    Just find in fact the happiness is bigger than sorrow

    From passed by to walk to me but learn all the way not generous

    Face this to get a not easy love

    We all once waited for next card

    Letting to fall the love for hurting can pull of come back {Letting and falling the love for hurting can pull of come back}

    The love is all difficult problem to lose proper restraint forever too easy

    Sometimes the Hou forgot to cherish, and hurt of the but again is too not intentional

    Sometimes the love needs want space breath urgently to too much

    It's more deep then continuously self-reproach to quarrel a more malicious pain

    We all forgot a first happiness

    Who does the embrace more tight pain is more deep to will not loathe to give up

    I give probably isn't what you want now

    The commitment for once saying in fact hasn't forgotten

    I didn't be like you imaginary of so big-hearted {I didn't be like you imagine of so big-hearted}

    Loving or doing not loves can freely say {Love or not the loves can freely say}

    Is just more interested relation to more get along with not and easily

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    Wanted to leave the love which actually did not leave wants to grasp actually not to be able to hold my love in world another that side to be so remote he in me to hit the fast knot in mine world to tie up at heart is lonely I the story very helpless but only to be able to blame to get what one deserves I asked that I should use any method to come facing this all change but him always to say is I wants too many, but he actually does not have really perhaps loves dearly me is I wants many too, but I also like this said that because this is can comfort me only the reason We once regretted disputes disappointedly the pretext was too pompous we once the large male deer wound all over the body to lose occurring together also to lose the direction The recollection initially we good and badly only then discovered that coming back which was actually bigger than joyfully walks me from a past group actually not to be able to learn sorrowfully to go to come generously facing this to like us not easily once the waiting next sign letting be defeated the love which can pull Loved forever is the difficult problem loses the discretion was too easy some time forgets to treasure, but who injures actually also too has no intention sometimes to like too urgently needed wanting a spatial breath quarrel more ruthless pain to be profound then unceasingly rebukes oneself we to forget an initial joyful hug tighter pain to be profound not to give up me to give now perhaps will not be you must say the pledge had not forgotten actually I have not looked like you to imagine that 灑 escape love or the Ido brand cannot speak thoughtlessly said was only the relations which was cares about is together not easily

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