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請幫我翻譯公司簡介 英文


經客戶口耳相傳,我們已深獲廣大客戶群的青睞與好評並再國際舞台上占有一席之地。在1997年因應市場需求建設新廠,佔地2315平方公尺,現有600T 大型、中型、小型20餘台精密塑膠射出機械。於2003年,建設二廠倉庫佔地2650平方公尺,以大量採購的方式降低升產成本,並以零庫存為目標,防止原物料價格大幅波動。最後在2007年,興建三廠占地4958平方公尺,成立沖床部門和產品裝配部門,建立一貫的作業流程確保精準的交貨日期和客戶的緊急需求。





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    Our company built up in 1993. Besides, during these 17 years in Taiwan, our company has the experience in the domain of making bibybles professionally. We hold on to the positive attitudes to run our buisiness, the ideas of top priority for our customers, so as to fully understand clients' needs and to provide professional advice that help cement the value of your products and creat win-win strategy.

    Owning to public praise these years, We have won most of our clients' hearts and good reputation, and established our stand point in international arena. According to the needs of constituting new factories in 1997 about 2315 square meters, We have ever built up large-scale, middle-scale, and small-scale intricate plastics projective mechains. During 2003. We have established the second warehouse about 2650 square meters which reduce the prime cost by purchasing amount of materials to bar from the happening of increasing prices of original materials with the goal of zero stock. Last in 2007, we have build up the third factory around 4958 square meters to establish punch press department and product assembly department so that we can enact good work flows to give clients products in due date along with to meet their urgent needs.

    Our company offer various bicycles high qualities and resonable prices with state-of-the-art skills, including labot services of furniture trundles, office furniture trundles, electrical appliances trundles, industry wheels, instrument wheels, revertex furnitures, and revertex punch press. On top of that, our company can also design special products in accordance with clients' needs. Therefore, this design can and should make your products more superior in global market based on the good qualities and fantastic appearances of bicycles. Please contact with us provided that you have not cooperate with us before.

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    梅莉史翠普Meryl Streep《誘。惑》Doubt

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    為什麼有人會願意翻譯啊? 這些都是要付錢的ㄟ. 你們有收錢嗎?

  • This company was founded in 1993, embarks from Taiwan is making trundle's professional field to have 17 year experience. Since was established us to grasp the good faith management, the customer supreme principle, the inquire deeply customer demand, provides the specialized consultation, to entrust with your product higher value added to insist that makes the win-win situation with the visitor. After the customer directly from master to disciple, we deeply have attained the general client bases the favor and the high praise and in the international scene hold the small space again. Constructed the new factory in 1997 in accordance to the market demand, occupied a land area of 2315 square meters, existing 600T large-scale, medium, the small 20 precise revertex projected the machinery. In 2003, constructed two factory warehouses to occupy a land area of 2650 square meters, reduced by the massive purchase's way rises to produce the cost, and take zero stock as the goal, prevented the original material price to fluctuate largely. Finally in 2007, constructs three factories to occupy a land area of 4958 square meters, the be established punch press department and the product assembly department, establishes the consistent work flow to guarantee the accurate delivery date and the customer emergency needs. This company is in the lead the technology provides the high quality, the reasonable price various types trundle, contains the furniture trundle, the office furniture trundle, the electrical appliances trundle, the industry wheel, the instrument wheel, the revertex 俬 and the revertex punch press generation of labor service. This company may also act according to the customer demand design manufacture, conforms to you in the product quality and the outward appearance in the market demand, enables your producing to have the superiority under the global market competition, not yet manufacturers which cooperates with us, we respect treat your good news.

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