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M asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

中文翻譯英文 卡片


我的超級好朋友 !!!!!!!!!!



有去狂歡嗎?? 或是...................................





我真的真的很喜歡它們 = ] 並且我會好好收藏它們的!!!

順便一提 希望你會喜歡我的禮物和卡片唷!! =D


開心的享受每一天 !!!

超級好朋友 Mo Mo




"""" 所以我不希望是用翻譯機翻出來的!!!!!! """""

Update 2:

我想在卡片上的封面寫 " 驚喜 "

那可以寫 surprising you ?


Update 3:


" 這是日本的烏龍茶和煎茶請用冷水沖泡它 ...也可以放置冰箱 , 風味會更好唷!!! "

" 這個是中國的八卦很特別可以避煞鎮邪 保護你 !!!! 希望你會喜歡 "

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  • 闇風
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    1 decade ago
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    Dear xxx,

    My best friend!!Today is a extremely special day─ it's your

    BIRTHDAY!I don't know how you celebrated,but I'd really want to know.Did you go to the party?or what did you do?

    Well,I don't like you to smoke,it's really bad for your health.I hope you could take care of yourself because you have to take care of your child in the future.Thanks a lot for giving me the cute kangeroo toy and Australian flag.I really like them very much,and I will keep them well.By the way,I hope you will like the gift and the card!=D

    Best wishes to you.

    Be happy to enjoy every day!

    Your best friend,


    2009-03-15 07:46:50 補充:

    用surprising you不太恰當

    用give you a surprise較好

    These are Green Tea and Oolong Tea.Please brew them with cold water.You can also put them into the refrigerator,and it'll be even more delicious.

    2009-03-15 07:47:47 補充:

    This is the Ba Gua of China,it's very special.It can bring good luck,and can protect you,too.I hope you will like it.

    八卦是中國才有的 所以英文就直接翻了

    Source(s): 學了12年英文的我, 學了12年英文的我, 學了12年英文的我
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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear xxx

    My super best friend!!

    Today's a super special day.... It's you BIRTHDAY!

    Don't know how you spend your birthday... I really want to know!

    Do you want to go to a party? Or...


    I don't like you smoking a lot. It's really not good for your health.

    I hope you can take good care of yourself, because in the future, you need to take care of your children.

    Thank you very much for the lovely stuffed kangaroo toy and the Australian flag you gave me last time.

    I really like them a lot and I'll cherish them always!!

    By the way, I hope you like my present and the card! =D

    Best wishes!

    Enjoy every day!!

    Your super best friend Mo Mo

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