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China will soon have their first air craft carrier at sea. Does this mean a change in global polotics?

Sea power, in this day and age of "political warfare", is vastly underrated.

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    I've been hearing that China will soon have thier first aircraft carrier for 20 years. In reality IOC for a Chinese carrier is still many years off and it won't be anything like the ships the USN deploys. Nor does one carrier make a country a super power.

    France has a carrier. Anyone think France is a super power? India has 2. Russia has had one big carrier in service for more nearly 2 decades and she still can not project power very far beyond her own borders.

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    China is the future super power of the world.We can expect a lot of changes in Global politics because of China.It is a rumor that America is losing its status so next to America is China to take over World Politics.

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    in case china is ready with its first carrier, republic of india is there to contain it with its two new aircraft carriers by 2011 and five nuclear submarines.India being an ally to the USA willl make up the balance i guess.

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    Russia keeps one as a curiosity too. Hardly anyone is even aware of if, let alone worried about it.

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    well considering it is a refitted ex soviet piece of junk i'm not to worried.

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