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bovine thymus polypeptide fractions/bovine spleen extract in immune supplements?

I have been sick with an upper respiratory infection and a friend who is into holistic treatments suggested I start taking something called ThymuPlex Immune Booster by Enzymatic. Mostly, it contains lots of Vitamin A, C, E, zinc and selenium, but it also says it contains "bovine thymus polypeptide fractions/glandular complex, bovine spleen extract, and bovine lymphatic extract." What's up with the bovine stuff? How would this stuff help me? Or am I wasting my money taking this?

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    I'm familiar with the product....

    Let me ask you this....

    Would you ever need immunity against something like Cattle Pox, bovine pleuropneumonia, mastocytoma (got udders?) or cattle plague?

    I thought not...

    Now ask yourself why you would something that would boost the immune system of a cow. {Yeah, I'm being sarcastic....No, you don't want to bother getting such a thing.}

    If I were going to get something holistic for an uupper respiratory infection, I would try to find the following herbs if possible - Osha, Red Root, or Mullien. Those help your immune system to a) fight pathogens and b) carry away debris (fluids, mucous, dead pathogens, etc) so that your body can heal better.

    I would also try a couple weeks worth of cold liver oil for the vitamin A and D (which are great for the immune system) and the EPA for the effects on the inflammatory cytokines (it reduces inflammation and helps the lining of the lungs heal) along with plenty of easy to digest dark leafy greens and bright fruits (Think spinach salad with mandarin oranges) and plenty of diluted juices (especially citrus) and hot fluids.

    Also, try some hot baths - much like inducing a fever, and getting plenty of sleep (more than you think) because it effects your neuroendocrine system (your hormones) to help you fight this and heal better as well...

    Source(s): nearly a decade of working in a health food store while going to university to study just this sort of thing. More than a passing familiarity with psychoneuroimmunology
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