Title of children's novel? ballet dancer with leukemia?

Anyone know the title of a children's novel about a girl who takes ballet classes and wants to be a dancer but has leukemia. I think her mother was famous or just rich. In hospital she makes friends with another girl with leukemia and visits her, talking off her wig before going into her house since her friend can't afford one. She idolizes Darcy Bussell and has a photo of her which gets destroyed.


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    I know two books about ballet dancers who discover they have leukemia.

    "A Time for Dancing" by Davida Wills Hurwin


    "A personal look at how terminal illness affects the lives of best friends and those around them. Juliana (Jules) and Samantha (Sam) have been dance partners since they were nine years old. The summer before their senior year holds promises of good times and hard work at the studio. Then Jules is diagnosed with diffuse histiocytic lymphoma and needs massive doses of chemotherapy immediately. Despite everyone trying to act "normal," Jules faces greater and more difficult choices each day. And Sam becomes increasingly confused as to how to live her own life and stay true to her dying best friend. Each girl, in turn, narrates a chapter, and family and friends' reactions to the crisis are genuinely portrayed. The impact of illness is accurately balanced with the rising crescendo of impending death"

    "A Rose for Melinda" by Lurlene McDaniel


    "Melinda's biggest dream is to become a famous ballet, and when she gets accepted to the Atlantis Dance Team, she is thrilled. Everything is great for her until one day when she falls. At the hospital, Melinda discovers she has leukemia. While she is battling this disease, everyone is right there beside her, including Jesse and her friend Bailey. "

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    Sounds like something by Lurlene McDaniel.

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    Is it called "My Sister's Keeper?"

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