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Does anyone have the link to the Youtube Symphony Orchestra sheet music?

I realize the competition is over, but I'd still like to see the music and play it for fun. I've messaged the youtube symphony orchestra with the question in the hopes that they'll send me the link if still available. But I was wondering if anyone actually had the link? Or any of the music? Thanks!


I already know the link to the youtube symphony orchestra webpage on youtube, but I meant the page that had all the PDF files of the instruments and music.

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    and additionally you realize that that's no longer truthfully by utilizing the Youtube Orchestra. Why dont you pass on your community library or song shop and ask for the Symphony no 3 ("Eroica" ) by utilizing BEETHOVEN! it may desire to fee you what $10? Is that extremely that lots?

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    Used to be there when they were holding the auditions. You had to check your instrument, and it gave you a link to the pdf. Doesn't seem obvious that the music is there anymore, but I can't believe it's not available somewhere on the site.

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