theater/acting for film L.A/NYC?

theater/acting for film L.A/NYC? which do you think pick theater or film then NYC or L.A tell why you think what you do plz and thank you.

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    NYC for Theatre- No and why

    Right now with the economy theatre and Broadway will probably be taking a major hit so they are hurting since people won't be seeing plays as much as they used to. It's hard enough to make a living as a theatre actor/actress as it is and will probably only be getting harder. If you consider the statistics, thousands of actors and actresses live and word in NYC but only hundreds are actually working at their craft.

    LA for film -(it's hollywood duh, just kidding) better for acting if you really want the pain!

    LA is the place to be to make films but it's so expensive to live there (NYC too) and right now people have been seeing movies like crazy because for the average american movies are cheaper that a theatre production and let them escape their worries for a few hours. And the thing about movie and film acting you get paid ridiculous amount even as just an extra... good money even if you are not the star

    The thing about movie vs. theatre acting is they are such different styles of acting look into what you like best... both involve a though business that's all about who you know and your reputation and experience. Also you need to pick one of the other because they are so different. A lot of casting directors won't cast you for film and tv work if you have had too much theatre experience and visa versa

    Personally I would go with movies, and LA Personally I don't feel safe in either city lol but for movies LA is the place to be. It's Hollywood baby! Here's why... the way the economy is right now and just the simple fact that a movie ticket costs less than a theatre ticket, the public will be seeing more movies than theatre. Either direction,, whichever you choose will take a lot of hard work, skill, bravery and building strong relationships with people high up in the business.

    just my opinion ;)

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    there are a kind of variations. for instance in theater you take advantage of very large expressions so the target audience can see. In movie your expressions must be alot a lot less because of close united statesit will seem un sensible. also, you do not ought to projecet as a lot in movie as you ought to on degree because of booms. so that you ought to probable be good once you toned each little thing down somewhat

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