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Some parents are failing their children, the state should take over?;_ylt=AqVkY...

This was one of the themes I got from one of my previous questions. Mind you, its stated much more bluntly than what they have posted, you can read their responses yourself and measure the validly of my translation.

I'm not sure if this is to bridge the gap between successful parenting and unsuccessful parenting, or a way for parents to pass on some of their responsibilities to the state.

I'm in college now as well as part of the Golden Key International Honors Society (lol, got my bragging done). So, I can tell you in high school, if you wanted to learn, you could. The people I went to high school with, were the same people that I went to elementary with, so I know most of them and their families, and I can tell you self motivation was the biggest key to success. Also if school ranged from 8 to 8 (look at the link within the link), I would have been denied educational activities that I took part in after school, my informal education (reading books and online readings) would have been denied, or not of my choosing. Some parents actually do take time to teach and educate their children.

Also the bias that occurs in school is plain atrocious, that I would not want my kids (don’t have any) in public education. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been harassed. Since my experience is limited to Ca, it’s very possible this behavior is only in Ca as that is all I can personally speak on about, but I doubt that.

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lol, I know what your thinking “finally this windbag is getting to the dam question” or something more colorful.

I agree summer schools should be introduced again to a point where it can be used to get ahead and not just for mistakes. I agree that something needs to happen to improve education. I agree.


How far does state intervention need to go? And when did self motivation become an unfair advantage?

Is this the only and best solution?

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    Well I on a superficial level disagree heavily with making school longer but there are some benefits that can come off of it. An example is that students who are underprivileged may get in less trouble, I mean sure there are teachers who will be annoyed by them in class but at least they won't be out on the streets causing trouble (by underprivileged I mean financially challenged aka those who lived in the "hood"). It is extreme but to some students it may benefit them more than harm them, they won't be in a violent household and school will have a heavier impact on their lives and teach them to get their life together more than home and their neighborhoods which are full of drug dealers. I am speaking for the lower class with this statement. That is the only positive I can get out of all this.

    This has a variety of negatives and I can address few right here. First of all this limits the child's contact with the parents, I mean SERIOUSLY, you will have a kid that goes home, does his homework and goes to sleep and that will be the only time he will have with his parents. If he eats dinner and that's it, I mean why is this applying to all kids?! There are kids in the suburbs who need parents interaction, those kids NEED their parents and those kids need guidance and help from their parents, WHY is this plan being applied to them as well. Sure there are some parents who do not have enough time for their kids but there is are copious amounts of parents who need time with those kids. Those kids need their parents.

    State in fact needs to shorten school time, when I went to school in Europe and Japan, school was shorter and kids therefore did better. In America some schools go all the way up to 4 PM, this is too much, and most schools are canceling P.E. which is going to make it so the kids are just sitting on their desk the whole day. I mean WHY would someone want us to commit suicide? Oh and play by school rules all day? NO THANKS!

    State intervention does not need to make school longer and make family lives shorter. This is not a solution but rather an atrocity. I hope that President Obama addresses this issue right away.

    As for the Left Wing teaching, tell me about it. I went to a school in a democrat district in Georgia. What the teachers taught was complete BS especially when it related to real life issues. I remember once when we discussed Illegal Immigration, our teacher told us that it is WRONG to send back the illegal immigrants and that they should stay. Also, I was taught by an extremely biased and snobby teacher that Hispanics make up majority of the US population and that the census is COMPLETE BS. I laugh hard at that now, come to think of it, the man was from NYC (perhaps Puerto Ricans there told him to say that xD). Those two issues and the bias that school has on kids really makes me reject this statement heavily and worst of all I saw this kid get pulled off the computer and yelled at by the teacher because in his free time he was looking at the US Census. I really hated the South and its Democrat rathole ways and EVEN THOUGH I VOTE DEMOCRAT and plan on doing it unless a good Republican candidate runs, some extreme leftists from my party make me sick to my stomach. If you really want to improve education, I suggest that we should match our school day schedule with that of Europe's or Japan's.

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    I checked my dictionary. The adjective "prescript" ability defined usually. So "imprescriptible" may well be something impossible (or in all danger too plenty subject) to place into words. As Humpty Dumpty reported, "while i take advantage of a be conscious, it ability what i choose it to intend. not extra and no much less." although good the reason, that's an exceedingly risky gadget to place interior the palms of any government.

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    The state should never take care of a family.

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