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US History Books!!!!!!!!! 10pts fba!?

I'm looking for a "great" NONFICTION US History book. I want it to have the complete history of the United States if you will. And, I need it to be available at Barns and Nobel. I know what I'm looking for sound allot like a textbook but please no answer that are textbooks! :)

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    here's some books listing the top ten best history books.(1 best) without end. by ken follet Dan Simmons

    8.People of the book.geraldine brooks

    7.the well and the mine.Gin phillips

    6.Loving Nancy Horan

    5.Execution Dock (William Monk Series #16).by Anne Perry

    4.The Kindly Jonathan Littell, Charlotte Mandell (Translator)

    3.The T. C. Boyle Christopher Moore

    1.milkweed.Jerry spinelli

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    "Lies my Teacher Told Me" is a good book, but it doesn't cover anywhere near everything in American history, and is really more about how history is written than about the history itself.

    "A People's History of the United States" is pretty good, widely available, and covers all of American history. It doesn't, however, cover what most people think of as the basics -- meaning Presidents and politics.

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    Lies My Teacher Told Me

    My US History teacher recommended it to us when I was in high school. I recently bought it, its great.

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