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Do you think Happ, Park or Kendrick will win the 5 spot in the Phillies rotation?

Carlos Carrasco seems to be too inexperienced, plus he's got a 7.71 ERA in 7 IP this spring, so I didn't include him. Here are the following guy's stats though:

J.A. Happ: 2.45 ERA 11 IP 10 Hits

Chan Ho Park: 2.57 ERA 7 IP 7 Hits

Kyle Kendrick: 14.29 ERA 5.2 IP 14 IP

Obviously, it looks like Kendrick's not regaining his old form, so he's probably out of it. I'm thinking the Phillies will probably go with Park in the long reliever role, with Happ in the rotation, but I'm unsure there.It seems like a lot of the teams, the Mets included (my team), are unsure of who'll be their 5 SP.


I think Park really wants to be a starter too. With Romero suspended, I believe until early July, Happ could be valuable as a second lefty to Scott Eyre in the bullpen. Both Happ and Park look to both be on the Opening Day roster, with the one who loses out on the 5 spot ending up as the long reliever. I think if Park doesn't win the spot in the rotation though, he may give a problem. In '07, with the Mets, he was actually given the option to open up as a reliever with the Mets, but he went with their other option of going to AAA until he'd get a chance to start. Now that he's guaranteed 2.5 million for next season though, I don't think that'll be the case.

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    Before I clicked on to answer, without having read the rest of your question, my choice was Park.

    Parks and Happs ERA's are close but I think it all boils down to who can produce consistantly.

    Barring any injuries, my money is on Park.

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