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Spiritually speaking, if YOU were President, what would you do to stimulate the economy?

I would ELIMINATE capital gains taxes, and I would lobby Congress to relax the restrictions on Oil Companies and want legislation passed to encourage drilling for oil. EVERYWHERE. NOW.

And I WOULDN'T "bail out" ANYONE...Not banks, not GM, not Fannie Mae, not Freddie Mac...NOBODY. Part of a Capitalistic society is the freedom to fail. And I think it's time Congress demonstrated to the American people how "in touch" they are with the American people by voting themselves a pay cut during these difficult times.

If I'm currently paying your mortgage please don't bother answering. I also think you should have to own property to be allowed to vote. If you don't own a stake in the country, and pay taxes, why should you have any voice in its future? Isn't MEMBERSHIP, including PAYING DUES, a prerequisite for voting in any labor union?

I ask in R & S because this is where the action is.


YES, La Nokta, PLEASE drill in my front yard!!!

I need the royalties!!

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    If I were president, the first thing I would do is announce on prime time that it's time for this nation to return to the principles and morals it was founded on, and that is "One Nation Under God". I would ask the citizens of this nation to join me in humbling ourselves before our Creator, confessing our many sins as a nation such as shedding the innocent blood of the unborn, pornography, drugs, worshipping idols and countless others. I would tell the people that I am praying, and ask them to pray for me as their president, that the Lord give me the wisdom to make decisions, and the courage to stand by those decisions, no matter who disagreed with them. Finally, I would tell the American people that all the economic problems in this nation today are because leaders have not been seeking God's direction in finances, but rather they have listened to economists, lobbyists, and so forth. I would thank them for listening, and encourage them to follow the example I would be setting before them, and that is to humble ourselves before the Lord, confess our sins, and pray for God to heal our land. This is what I would do and say, in hopes that it would not only stimulate the economy, but stir the hearts of the people I was elected to lead. God bless you, and God bless the USA!!!

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    Property ownership will concentrate the power in the hands of those who are wealthy enough to own their own property. Not everyone is that wealthy, and not everyone can afford such. Some people will never own land; think of all the New Yorkers from NYC who rent apartments their whole lives. They'd get excluded from your awful plan. Furthermore, there are people who work all their lives on minimum wage because they don't have the opportunities that other people have, and they may never save up enough to own their own property. Why should they be excluded from the system?

    Our country is not some labor union. Everyone has the right to vote, and that should not be taken away. EVER. Discrimination is evil.

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    Apparently you cannot grasp the concept that a capitalistic society will eventually fail without a bit of socialism. Capitalism encourages monetary allocation to a small percentage of the population, and this will eventually cause an economic depression, much like the one we have now. Government intervention is required so capitalism can continue. It's not all black and white. We need both.

    I also find it funny you are comparing our country to a labor union and bashing socialism at the same time. You do know that labor unions are socialistic, right?

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    I'd create and introduce a bill which would remove the right for congress to raise their own pay and mandate a level of pay lowered to equal to or lesser than the median income of the nation, excluding the the income of mega-millionaire CEOs. The bill would also put a cap on the expense account available to each and every member of congress with a clause which would deny any claim that could not be unequivocally proven to be part of the job.

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    You have a pretty good take on things but I would have to add that if you pay taxes and social security you have a right to vote.

    Actually, if I was president, I would lower taxes for one.

    I would secure our borders

    I would deport all the illegal aliens

    I would tax all out of country businesses and force them to bring their businesses back over here and give the jobs back to the Americans.

    I would make everyone speak English

    I would drill oil right here and make our country self efficient.

    I would make sure everyone worked for what they got.

    No more free loafing

    No more racism and I don't care where you came from, we all bleed the same

    Most important, I'd keep God in the equation

    I'd improve our prisons by putting all the prisoners to work and make them live in the same conditions that are soldiers live in when they are across seas fighting for our freedoms.

    There are a lot of good things that can be done, one thing for sure is that we don't lose sight of our freedoms and everything that our forefathers fought for.

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    First of all, I would eliminate spending on foolish things such as the ACLU, NEA, giving money to terrorists, giving money to the UN (operated by terrorists), not allowing such big government, and other non-essentials, and would pay back the Social Security Fund and give people what they deserve, would encourage more jobs, such as phone jobs, instead of the automated frustration we are contending with now, etc., but at the same time protect the borders better, stop the unification of Mexico, the US and Canada, help the veterans.

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    If the companies are screwing up so much to the point where they need billions of dollars just to waste it on raises, then they should be left to die. This is capitalism, folks.

    They need to really relax on nonrenewable resources seeing as AGW is propaganda. It's really just a misunderstanding on how Global Temperature Cycles work. They have large correlation with solar activity (Sunspots and so on) and instead of being driven up by CO2 it's actually the opposite.

    When the Earth heats up more carbon dioxide is released from the oceans, though it has a 800 year lag because oceans take so long to heat up. And when it cools down, less carbon dioxide releases.

    Plus many natural contributors release more carbon dioxide than Humans do with factories and so on.


    I forgot that I can't question AGW or else I will be seen as a bad person. That must make the owner of "The Weather Channel" evil too. You should just throw us into prison now.

    Source(s): I'm all up for making Marajuana legal. Just remember I'm not responsible for any side effets that happen and the tax payers shouldn't have to pay for any regrets that happen from smoking marajuana. NOT THAT I'M SAYING ANYTHING WILL HAPPEN THOUGH.
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    go extra provide it away Have the U. S. government provide all and sundry that needs one a million kilo of superb weed for Christmas each year and basically can charge for postage enable human beings to advance it yet to no longer sell it Economically what that does is it makes the product valueless Which in turn does a minimum of three helpful issues that shop money It places some drug sellers out of enterprise It gets a marijuana offenders out of penal complex It reduces the funds for drug regulation enforcement activities the two interior the U. S. and overseas

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    Hate to say this but if I was Pres, my hands would be as tied and the pres of the past... the power to make and enact anything is with the senate and Congress...they are to make the law, , Courts are to enforce them, <not write them> and the pres is to control them....<lead>

    Problem with this country is that we as AMericans have forgot by who and what we are empowered by, we have polluted our leaders into thinking that they are in control, and that Money is the controlling power....

    So Spiritually speaking...I would first and for most put this country under Gods Rule. I would RESTORE the Value of Life above all

    I would end borrowing money from foreign nations to fund our outta control pork barrel spending and govn raises,

    I would put those in charge of Social Security ON IT and not some free for all plan of their own.

    I would end the War overseas by fencing them in with a DMZ, nothing but humanity aid, and services until they learn to play in world nicely

    Elected officials would receive raises based solely on unbiased scales of performance.

    to start...anyway

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    Only having those who own property vote is ridiculous and wrong. Then only the rich, those rich enough to own property, would make the decisions in the country, and that isn't true democracy.

    And if you legalize oil drilling everywhere, then you just have to take it if they find it right in your front yard.

    Thank goodness you're not the president.

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