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What is your opinion on assisted suicide?

I am NOT religious, but I believe that assisted suicide is wrong. Based on statistics in Holland, there was about 12 000 cases of assisted suicide, and only about half of the were done with consent. This shows that many people have died unwillingly because they were either unhealthy babies, or the elderly wh were disabled and could not communicate their choice. I don't think that ending your life is a good way to end your worries. On the other side, I can also see why people would support assisted suicide because if I had a family member who was in excruciating pain that they could not recover from, and they were begging me to "pull the cord" I don't know what I would do. I wouldn't want them to die, but I wouldn't want them to suffer. What are your views on euthanasia and assisted suicide?


Thatk you guys for all of the great answers! I really am intersted to hear all opinions so I can learn more about the ethnical issues and what side im on.

Update 2:

To xo379, wow! I really have never heard of that, it seems like a really good solution. It would definitely reduce the amount of people dying unwillingly, and it would give them time to establish whether or not they really wanted to pass on. Thanks!

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    I agree with the right to choose whether or not to commit suicide (with assistance)--BUT. I think it should be very strictly regulated. The Oregon Death with Dignity Act is, I think, a good model: patients of *sound mind* can request a prescription for a dose of medication that iwll kill them; *two* doctors must diagnose the patient as only having 6 months to love; another person who is not a doctor must confirm that the patient does indeed wish to die; AND the patient must make a second request after 15 days.

    I think this allows the person due time to think about it. If I were in terrible pain, I could imagine saying, "please, just kill me." But if I were given 15 days to think about it, I would really know what I was doing. And having two doctors is, of course, always a good thing.

    But I also think that the act should be amended: that a person requesting assisted suicide should be screened by 1 (or maybe 2?) therapists to see if they are suffering from depression (which can cause suicidal thoughts) or if they truly wish to die because of their physical pain.

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    My grandfather just passed away a few days ago. He was in horrible pain and practically begging to die. He was kept alive for the selfish wishes of others. I understand why people do not agree with assisted suicide however I am a firm believer in it. If I was dying and my body would not just go on it's own I would be begging for someone to end it for me. On the other hand I also believe it should be done in an ethical as possible manner and a manner that does not case more pain than needed. I believe a person has the right to do what they wish with their life and if they chose to die who I am or who is anyone to stop them from that. It is plain selfish to keep a suffering person alive when that is not their wish.

  • Lynn
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    Visiting my cancer-ridden grandfather in the nursing home full of people, some in even worse situations, today, it only reinforced my idea that it makes perfect sense and, in a slightly better world, should be legal. However, also having seen the abuse of power when a person is told to make decisions that the patient no longer can, it should only be executed (No awful wordplay intended.) in that moment when the patient is fully aware that they are going to die, but functioning enough that they can express this decision before witnesses (i.e. the medical staff that would be "assisting" and the family that might blame them.), in some permanent medium. I'm not sure our society could handle such a system, certainly not always with honesty. If AS were to be instated, it would have to be a very independent decision. Put simply: Here are some pills. You can swallow them if you get sick of all your other meds.

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    I think it is often the best solution. When some one is terminally ill, suffering, in constant agony, they have a right to end it. Look at all the pain and suffering people have to go through when the end result is still death, what harm does speeding up the process do? I have seen how hard it is on friends, family and the patient themselves when they are painfully dying, this is the most human solution. You have enough respect for your dog to get them put to sleep if they are sick and unable to be cured, why would you respect them more then a person?

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    Well if someone is really sick and can't have an average life then who r u or I 2 get in the way of that. People who are in great pain from illnesses like cancer should decide if they want to continue to live or not.

  • Anonymous
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    Euthanasia is perfectly ethical in my opinion. I was shocked to find out it wasn't legalised. If someone has a terminal illness and is experiencing an immense amount of pain their pain shouldn't be prolonged because 'God giveth and taketh life'! If the doctors know they're gonna die, they should be put out of their misery! We give the same curtosy to animals, do we not?!

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    If they were in pain I would not want to be the one to do it, but I can see myself wanting it to me done to end their pain. Of course if this is legal there will be cases where the person does not want to die but someone kills them. But this could not be considered suicide by the person. it would be murder by the other person who "assisted" if the person did not consent then it is murder;

  • Rudolf
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    its not assisted suicide, its called making a dcision with the relatives of the person and making a choice. Any christian would do this, it lets the person die with a bit of diginity

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    I think that it is stupid and wrong not to sould weird lol but life is a gift so many people who are dead wish they had life!

    And who ever is the one who helps the patient commit suside should have life in jail

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    that sounds like murder. however.. if the person is truly in excruciating pain, and there doesn't seem to be much of a happy future for them, maybe it is better to "pull the plug" especially if they want it.

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