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10 Great wrestlers, who's the best?

Rate them all out of ten and rank them in an order have the best on the top and least on the bottom, purely on their in ring performance bases.

01-. Ric Flair

02-. Bret Hart

03-. Kurt Angle

04-. Curt Hennig

05-. Chris Benoit

06-. Chris Jericho

07-. Dean Malenko

08-. Eddie Guerrero

09-. Shawn Michaels

10-. Davey Boy Smith


Kurt Angle is better then Undertaker?

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    I'd give them all 10s or 9/9.5s

    Chris Benoit

    Bret Hart

    Dean Malenko

    Eddie Guerrero

    Davey Boy Smith

    Curt Hennig

    Kurt Angle

    Ric Flair

    Shawn Michaels

    Chris Jericho

    Edit: Didn't see BQ, Kurt Angle is a better wrestler almost definitely but I personally appreciate Undertaker's work more.

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    10. Davey Boy Smith

    09. Dean Malenko

    08. Curt Hennig

    07. Bret Hart

    06. Kurt Angle

    05. Chris Jericho

    04. Chris Benoit

    03. Ric Flair

    02. Eddie Gurrero

    01. Ric Flair

    But, i rate them all a 9.5 or 10

  • 1- Ric Flair

    2- Kurt Angle

    3- Chris Benoit

    4- Shawn Michaels

    5- Davey Boy Smith (rip)

    6- Eddie Guerrero (rip)

    7- Dean Malenko

    8- Curt Henning

    9- Bret Hart

    10- Chris Jericho

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    1. Ric Flair-9.5

    2. Shawn Michaels-9.25

    3. Bret Hart-9.0

    4. Chris Benoit-9.0

    5. Kurt Angle-9.0

    6. Dean Malenko-8.5

    7. Curt Henning-8.0

    8. Eddie Guerrero-7.5

    9. Davey Boy Smith-7.5

    10. Chris Jericho-7.25

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    Based solely on in-ring performances:

    1) Bret Hart - 10

    2) Curt Hennig - 9.5

    3) Christ Benoit - 9.3

    4) Chris Jericho - 9.3

    5) Kurt Angle - 9.2

    6) Shawn Michaels - 8.7

    7) Eddie Guerrero - 8.6

    8) Dean malenko - 8.5

    9) Davey Boy Smith - 7.0

    10) Ric Flair - 4.0

    Kurt Angle is a better technical wrestler than Undertaker. Undertaker is far more enjoyable to watch overall.

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    1. bret hart, guy had a counter for everything

    See the thing with this whole ranking thing is you cant say for example jericho is a 9.5 and the bulldog a 9.4 so jericho is better. and im a jericho fan!!! Even though not a hbk fan, he as well as the rest of these guys worked their asses off their entire careers. So how do u really judge each of them against each other? by wins? nope cos they got told when to win and wen not to. and ranking such contrasting styles against each other doesnt work, u have the high-flier guerrero vs the 100-year old legdrop of hogan(who isint here but im just saying). the point is a guy like davey boy was a powerhouse and comparing him to a guy like y2j who has a hybrid of styles from extensive travelling doesnt work. u cant really say one style is better than the other. can we as fans LIKE one style over the other? Absolutely, cos we voluntarily buy tickets and tune in to watch. but as far as comparisons go, each of these guys were gud enough to carry a company on their backs as its world champ, and for those that didnt get the chance like Mr Perfect R.I.P. it doesnt make him any less a performer. and he made it into the HOF so there's proof enough.

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    my top 5 of all time

    1 shawn michaels

    2 ric flair

    3 bret hart

    4 undertaker

    5 the rock

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    Kurt Angle is the best. Hes the only to go to the olympics and win

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    Flair - master of the wear down move

    Eddie - master of cheap rudo tactics

    Benoit - 4343434 suplexes in a row

    Bret - 5 moves of doom ruled

    Kurt - hey I copy Benoit

    HBK - hi I copy Flair & Funk

    Dean - mister boring

    Curt - oversells bumps :)

    Jericho - still has plenty of time to become the greatest

    Bulldog - power wrestler


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