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3 ways in which publishing the results of trials in scientific journals such as the lancet help to ensure validity of the results of the trials.

please help im really stuck! x

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    real, well-thought of journals have several ways of ensuring valid trial data.

    Firstly, all trial articles are peer-reviewed, so other scientists and researchers read each trial thoroughly before publication, checking for inconsistencies, flaws in the arguments, mistakes, misprints, mis-quotations, poor trial methods, lies, etc. It's like a proofreading that checks both your grammar and the validity of your trial methods and results.

    Respected journals also require the trial authors to announce their "conflicts of interest" to the readers- if they have stock in a company, if they are paid by the company, if they receive any benefits by skewing trial results, announcing these conflicts of interest help the trial researchers stay as unbiased as possible throughout the study.

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    1) The published paper is "peer-reviewed" before it is published. This means experts in the area being studied review and critique the paper before it is published.

    2) Published papers can be read and critiqued by the international research "community". Many controversial papers get lots of "letters to the editor" that criticize the paper.

    3) Errors in the paper such as incorrect statistical analysis (this is quite common) can be identified and corrections published in future issues of the journal.

    Hope this helps you. Best wishes and good luck.

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