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How serious is anemia for the pregnant woman and the child?

We just got back the 26-week blood-work for my wife and they said she has a mild case of anemia, and told her to start taking an over-the-counter drug 2 times a day.

How serious is this? What are the possible consequences of having anemia?

Also, what can we do, besides taking the medicine, to further prevent this?


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    It is very common in women when pregnant--and when menstruating... it can make your wife very tired and lethargic, and when anemia is severe, it can result in less oxygen being pumped through your body. I have had mild anemia throughout my pregnancy as well. It's not anything too shocking--pretty normal. She should be taking some kind of iron supplement--and there should also be iron in her prenatal vitamin. Some non-medicinal ways to prevent anemia are to eat a lot of veggies that are high in iron, and red meat. I take a natural iron tincture (I got it from as recommended by my midwife--it is a naturally derived iron supplement that is easier for your body to use than synthetic iron supplements. Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine :)

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    Mild anemia is unlikely to cause a problem. The biggest worry would be severe bleeding after the birth. OTC iron pills should do the trick, if not, go to a health food store and find a product called Floradix.

    A lot of women test low for iron around this time in pregnancy, due to a significant increase in blood volume - it often takes several weeks for the iron levels to increase. If you're really concerned, she could get re-tested after week 32 (when the iron builds back up).

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    Anemia means she is low in iron. To prevent this she should regularly eat things that are rich in iron. Dark green, leafy vegetables are a good source of iron. Fresh spinach is really good also. My cousin is anemic and she eats a spinach salad often and that helps keep her anemia under control. Your wife and baby will be fine as long as she takes her medication and eats foods that are rich in iron. Good luck... and congrats on the baby!

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    About half of all pregnant women develop anemia. Pregnant women who become anemic and need treatment may be given oral iron supplements, or blood transfusions in severe cases. Intravenous or intramuscular administration of iron helps improve blood levels better than oral iron supplements, but may cause more serious side effects.

    My mother was born with anemia and I was fine, and so was she. She has just needed to take iron supplements.

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    I was told that my iron was seriously low not quite anaemic but close so i had to up my iron tablets even more. It can be serious if you lose alot of blood. Being anaemic even when your not pregnant isn't healthy let alone when you've got a baby to care for.

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    Eat more green, leafy vegetables.

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