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schengen visa will i get it?

hi im a kenyan who lives in the uk i was given indefinate stay in 2002 but now im off to tenerife with a few of the lads in a couple weeks i went to italy in 2003 i was granted a schengen visa then but rearly all i want to know will that help me get a visa granted for tenerife thanks guys can you leave your posts cuz i need to know urgently .

ps .

im only going for two weeks

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    Yes of course it helps holding a Schengen visa in the passport. But you still should meet all application requiremnts. You will need:

    • a passport which must be valid for three months longer than your requested stay, contains a full blank page and has your U.K. residence permit affixed to it (if the UK permit is about to expire you will not be granted a visa, unless you have renewed this before attending the appointment).

    • 2 Schengen visa application forms, fully completed and signed by the applicant.

    • 2 passport regulation colour photographs with white background, and glued to the application forms. Please do not staple the photographs to the application form.

    • recent letter of employment, addressed to the Spanish Consulate General (please do not bring the contract of employment).

    • if self employed, a letter from one of the following: solicitor, accountant, bank manager or Local Chamber of Commerce.

    • if you work for a family: letter of employment, employer’s passport

    • evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay, in the form of a recent full bank statement covering the last three months, sent to and showing the applicant’s home address. (£500 for the first 9 days; £50 per day of additional stay)

    • Travel Medical Insurance.

    • Flight ticket reservation or booking.

    • accommodation reservation or booking

    Whether you must apply in London or Manchester depends on the county you are residing in. See the attached source to find out.

    Visa applications can be made up to three months before the planned travel.


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