Where Do I find Lyrics for Vietnamese Songs?

There's this song I cant quite find on any sites. The title is tin loi duong mat by Huyen Thoai. I dont really know where to go next so can you guys help me.

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    i dont find any better....sorry....:

    Ve dau trong mang dem toi tam nguoi oi

    Ve dau khi khong co em trong cuoc doi

    Ve dau khi ma em nhan tam bo di

    Khong mot loi tu ly

    Nguoi ta luon bao toi cho tin vao ai

    Nguoi ta luon khuyen cho yeu ai that long

    Ma toi dau nao nghe cu tin vao em

    De chut lay uu phien

    Tung loi nguoi noi da khien con tim cua ta ngay qua dam say

    De roi yeu em ma khong tinh toan khong nghi suy dieu gi

    Ngo rang em that tam giong nhu toi yeu em that long

    Nao ngo dau em chi dua voi toi

    Tung loi nguoi noi van cu dau day o trong long ta thang nam

    Dau rang hom nay nguoi vui voi ai, em da quen tinh minh

    Chang tha nhu ngay xua luc yeu khong tin em that nhieu

    Thi hom nay dau phai dau the nay

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