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Trivia! Stanley Cup questions?

1. How many times is "Bob Gainey" engraved on the cup?

2. Who was the luckiest player to get his name on the that he played in one NHL game?

3. What team faced the most elimination games in the postseason in one year? How many times were they on the brink?

4. Who was the first woman to have her name engraved on the cup? For what reason?


CDN Fan got #1- Once it appears as R.Gainey

Update 2:

Nooris is not the first!

Update 3:

LITY-I should have said one play-off game. Damn trickster you.

Boston Bruin left winger Chris Hayes was perhaps the “luckiest” of all! After three years with the OHL Oshawa Generals (1964-67) where he was a teammate of Bobby Orr and helped the Generals win the Memorial Cup in 1966, Hayes went on to play four more years (1967-71) of amateur hockey at Layola College in Montreal before signing with the Boston Bruins as a free agent in 1971. As a 25-year old rookie, Hayes played with the Bruins' CHL Oklahoma City Blazers farm club in 1971-72, but when that club was knocked out of the play-offs he was called up to the Bruins with whom he dressed in a single game in the Stanley Cup finals against the New York Rangers, a series which Boston won in six games to capture their second Cup in three years. Hayes remained in Boston the next season, but did so playing for the AHL Boston Braves and saw no further action with the Bruins.

Update 4:

Hayes has the distinction of being the only player in NHL history with his name engraved on the Stanley Cup who only played in just a single NHL game during his career!


Update 5:

Current Montreal Canadiens' GM Bob Gainey's name appears on the Cup six times -- five times as a player with the Habs, and once more as GM of the Dallas Stars in 1999. When he won his first Cup with the Canadiens in 1976, however, his name "R.Gainy."

Update 6:

The NYI faced elimination 9 times in 1975.

Update 7:

After winning just a dozen games in their first NHL season in 1972-73, and 19 in their second, the third-year New York Islanders surprised the hockey world in 1974-75 with a 32-point improvement and making the playoffs in just its third season with 88 points. The third year club’s first play-off run proved to be even more remarkable for their utter brinksmanship as over a period of a month the club played in no fewer than nine games in which they faced elimination from the play-offs with a loss. After edging the New York Rangers at MSG in the first game of the best-or-three preliminary round, the Islanders came back to earth in game two when the Broadway Blueshirts waxed them, 8-3. On April 11th, 1975, the Isles thus faced elimination for the first time but staved it off with when J.P. Parise scored just :11 into OT for a 4-3 win to end the series.

Update 8:

The Islanders dropped the first three games of the best-of-seven Quarter Finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins before then winning four straight including a 1-0 shutout by Chico Resch in game seven in Pittsburgh on April 26th in the fifth “no tomorrow” game the club had played in just fifteen days! The Islanders’ next opponents would be much tougher, however, as their trip to the Semi Finals pitted them against the defending Stanley Cup champion Philadelphia Flyers. Again the Isles dropped the first three games of the series, losing 4-0, 5-4 in OT, and 1-0, before making a third backs-to-the-wall series comeback. Jude Drouin began it with a goal 1:53 into OT in game four for a 4-3 win on May 7th followed by a surprising 5-1 victory in Philadelphia the next night, and a nail biting 2-1 third straight win in Long Island on May 11th. The Isles’ remarkable run finally came to an end on May 13th, however, as they faced elimination for the ninth time in 33 days as the Flyers brought in...

Update 9:

Kate Smith to sing “God Bless America” in person. Even though Islanders’ captain Ed Westfall shook her hand and presented her flowers on the ice after she sang, it was not enough as the Flyers prevailed, 4-1, and went on to win their second consecutive Stanley Cup two weeks later over the Buffalo Sabres.

Update 10:

LITY got Lila Murphy right!

This first to ever be engraved on the Cup was Lily Murphy which appeared there mysteriously in 1911. "Her connection to hockey is dubious," notes the Hockey Hall of Fame, "although her husband, Dennis Murphy, whose name is also on the trophy, was president of the Bank of Ottawa when the original Ottawa Senators won the Stanley Cup in 1911."

Update 11:

LITY- Lester played regular season, one playoff.

Update 12:

Earl Johnson-His name somehow ended up on the Stanley Cup. When the Stanley Cup was redone during 1957–58 season Johnson's name was left off the newer ring. He played one reg. season game.

Update 13:

LITY...Hayes should be on was a playoff game after all.

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    1. 0. I'm pretty sure the name is inscribed as Robert Gainey, and never Bob. IN 1976, they forgot the 'e', and it just says 'Gainy'

    2. You tell me

    - Lester Patrick played 1 NHL game, and his name is on the cup twice

    - Douglas McKay of the 1905 Red Wings played 1 career game, and has a ring

    - Earl Johnson of the 1954 Red Wings only played 1 game, and has a ring

    3. The Minnesota Wild played 7 elimination games in 2003.......they lost the 7th one.

    4. Lila Murphy


    1. You put Bob Gainey in quotes, but the name Bob never appears

    2. The NHL database, and the NHL Guide and Record Book, do not credit Hayes with winning a Stanley Cup. I'll have to visit the Hall of Fame next time in Toronto and check that out. I can't miss what's not there!

    Also, the Hockey Hall of Fame website says that the 1972 Bruins inscribed 27 names on the cup, the NHL Guide and Record Book lists 27 names that year...Hayes is not among them.

    I'm thinking your source is wrong.

    3. I messed up a game in the Islander/Philly round in 75, which I gave to NY and it should have gone to Philly. I need new glasses. I actually went to that year first knowing about the 4 game comeback.

    The NHL database needs to smarten up! They have two files for Lester Patrick, one as a forward, one as a goaltender....seems he only won a Stanley Cup as a goaltender. A person is a person. But yes, that is 2 games.

    Bob - Patrick (Cyrenaica) will be going to get proof this week. Ted Green supposedly gets credit for a cup, and his name is supposedly inscribed, and he never played a game in 1972.

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    1) This might be a trick question, he won it 5 times as a player and once as an exec in Dallas. The answer should be 6. However in 1975 his name was spelled wrong so does that reduce it to 5.

    The rest I have to think on

    Number 4 is Lily Murphy... Although far from official, Lily Murphy's name was scratched into the patina of Lord Stanley's bowl.

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    1. he is on it 5 times/

    2. Pete Langelle

    3. Philidelphia flyers & New York Rangers. They went to game 5 at least in every series.

    4. a woman named Marguerite

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    7 Times

    Part 2 don't know

    part 3


    Part 4

    Marguerite Norris

    She was the first female chief executive of a team the team was the Detroit Red wings Back in 1952

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  • 1. 5 beacause his name was spelled wrong once

    2. Jiri Slegr

    3. Stars 5 times

    4. Marguerite Norris She was the team president of the Detroit Red Wings

    Did I miss mine

    Who is then after you said it wasen't Norris I checked a whole bunch of websites they all said Norris

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    Wasn't there a name engraved and later scratched out where someone early on put his wife's name on it?

    Thank You

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    1 Once when played for the Habs in 1993 that's it

    2 Roy Bourque very lucky to be with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001 when he was about to leave the game they gave him one more chance and he didn't blew it

    3 2006 Edmonton Oilers three times until finally they lost to Carolina in the stanley cup finals

    4 That never happened.

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