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Any ideas on how to organize my business?

I have went out to peoples homes & offices for years to help them get organized. I have also done this work over the phone & it has actually worked out very well. I guess it would be as if I am consulting them. I would like to make the phone consultations a bigger part of my business & I only need about 10 hours of work a week. I have never adverstised. What would be the best way to get new customers so I always have this 10 hours of work a week? I know people who do the work I do charge much more than I do. I charge $50 an hour & now that I am going to do this over the phone it doesn't matter where my clients live. How can I let them know about my business? I live about an hour away from D.C. & the outskirts of D.C. in Maryland I know there are huges houses in Montgomery County, MD so should I just go to their grocery stories & put my business card on their boards? Any ideas? thank you.

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    1) Books you should read:

    Search Engine Marketing by Mike Moran


    7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Steven Covey

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

    2) Specialists you will want on retainer:

    a) An accountant. Ask around to people you trust about ones they trust. Compare rates.

    b) A lawyer. Simply pay a retainer to have them on tap for legal advice.

    3) Establish a business license where applicable where you live. You can get highly useful information on how to do this from your local Chamber of Commerce.

    4) In terms of advertising, you should focus in 3-4 areas.

    * Web Based (Craig's List and similar sites)

    * Hyperlocal (Local dime news papers etc)

    * Website.

    * Networking. This is the most valuable way to accomplish this, and one way to expand the network is to offer incentives to people who establish more contacts for you; thus offer them a discount on future services if they find you a client.

    Just some ideas.

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    I would make up flyers & get business cards & go the areas that you want to reach & get the word out. I would also advertise on any free board such as Craigslist.com. I don't know if you need a business mail box but you can buy one of them so your clients can send you money instead of using your address from home. I will star you so more people can see they might even become one of your clients. This is a great idea. I am getting ready to put my house up for sale & will use your service. I would also e-mail every reals estate agent in the country.

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    This is a great idea cause the people who have the messiest houses probably don't let anyone in. I will e-mail you for more info. I would also see if you could get that camera phone thing where you could see the client & even if they are sitting at here desk going through paper they would feel like you are holding them more accountable if they could see you. This sounds like a great idea & I am sure you will have great success....webcam is the name I was trying to think of.

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    I wouldn't necessarily just go and post business cards on boards in grocery stores, unless you know that there is a high enough traffic in these stores to be worthwhile for you. Most people, I have found, do not look at these types of boards in the grocery store as they have their hands full when leaving, as well as just disregard as junk and not credible resources.

    Have you tried craigslist? This may be a great way to advertise what you are doing, as well as putting something out on monster.com as a contractor/consultant. Definitely word of mouth is always the best if you have several friends and colleagues that can spread the word for you. I would start telling everyone you know via the internet community as well and utilize your social marketing engines.

    If you want to know how to start, operate and grow your business, my fellow attorney and I (yes, am an attorney) have released a free 60 page entrepreneur guide for folks, just like you, called a Business Blueprint on how to start, operate and grow you business in today's web 2.0 world. It has been recommended by more than 20+ government agencies, including the Indiana, Missouri and Ohio Secretaries of State, to name a few. Check us out at www.innoventum.com. This may be a great resource for you, as well as we have a lot of our great free business resources we have created.

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    Anyway, hope this helps you out in your organizational business.

    Jynell Berkshire, Esq.

    Business & Grant Attorney


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    Source(s): www.innoventum.com www.innoventum.com/bizgrant.html
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