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Does "male Intuition" exist?

I was joking with a friend of mine and I said that my "female intuition" led me to the impression we were talking about, or whatever, I don't remember ^^.

anyway, somehow we got to the point where she asked if there is anything like a " male intuition". My first idea concerning that was that a " male intuition" is rather "lust" in many cases...

what do you think about that? I like that question very much so I thought I is definetely worth asking it at YA.

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    It is not male or female, it is just intuition that both genders have. It's just that many men would make efforts to be logical and not follow that intuition. Intuition is highly influenced by, or can be mistaken for, wishes and fears.

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    Yes there is some thing as male intuition just as any guy who's been father for a while. He if he's spent any real time with his children can tell you what's wrong as well as the mother can. It's just that woman's intuition is better known because women spend a lot of time with the children, I think as more and more father's spend quality time with their children they will develop more and better intuition of their own. It's a simple as that.

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    For obvious reasons people will tell you a, b and c about why a man forcing a woman into an abortion is wrong. What I think men DO need is their own form of male birth control in a pill or shot form. All month shootin blanks! Along with rights to terminate any financial responsibility for a child he is not on board for, not prepared for, does not want. It would make women think twice as well about having a child/who they are having sex with and if they are the kind of man they want for a father to their children, poking holes in condoms, using condoms, and the responsibility on their end. Not that it applies to all women, but some women trapping men into fatherhood is not a rarity. There are instances of true accidents, but most "whoops" babies could be avoided with a little bit more consideration of the consequences of actions on both sides of the equation.

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    Intuition is a quality of knowing of living beings that sort of spontaneously, that is: without having to do some thinking work, makes those living beings quickly sense or feel, that is: quickly perceive, the character and the implications or consequences of something, of some phenomenon, of some behavior, within their own sphere of perception.

    Intuition may be different from man to man. Intuition may be different from woman to woman.

    Intuition may clearly be different from man to woman.

    Human beings resemble each other in many ways within different races that are biologically inter-compatible, but within the warm throbbing vaults of their own chest, on the wondrous or weird glowing shores of their own individual soul, human beings are individually different, everybody being invested of a tiny or great character of own uniqueness.

    There are female intuitions, governed by female hormones, inherent to the spiritual and bodily qualities of being female, some of them may be perceived as wondrously female, and some of them may be perceived as weirdly female. Some may even resemble those of a male.

    There are male intuitions, inherent to the spiritual and bodily qualities of being male, governed by male hormones.

    I think that we might conclude here with a merry laugh. We might try and do some more thinking or more search later on. We might ardently wait for some sudden and perhaps glowing ... intuition, one perhaps transcending the blunt differences between the female and the male.

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    Yes, but men might say their gut instinct more often to describe it. We all have intuition it is our inner guidance system. It has been ignored by our society. I am very intuitive & encourage you to develope yours as well as you can.

  • Anonymous
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    A male intuitively knows when a woman is lying, Her lips move.

  • Anonymous
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    of course male intuition exists.... it consist of knowing what women want... but this talent belongs only to a brief group of men......

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    intuition doesn't exist, good sense combined with reality based thinking does exist

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    male intuition?

    it's called a penis.

    and there's no intuition about it.

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    yes---we all have it.It's in inate quality to be able to distinquish the truth from BS.

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