DMT? Please describe your experience on this drug?

Never going to take this drug, but fascinated by the "hallucinations" I've heard it causes. I would LOVE to hear some details on your "trip" with DMT,and what insight it gave you personally in life (if it gave you any insight at all).

Please describe:

what you saw

how it made you feel

what you learned from it



The truth is that I am not one to be so fascinated by experiencing DMT, but by learning of the "spiritual" aspect of it. I love philosiphy and all that stuff and DMT opens up a lot of philosophical questions for me. I really don't think I'll ever try it as I hear your whole reality construct can get a bit messed up. The farthest I would go is with "magic mushrooms:" but I've never done any drug, so I don't think I'll start. Im already 20...

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  • Miami
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    1 decade ago
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    DMT is a controlled substance and is hard to find as it is not a very popular recreational drug. It's been allowed in the US for some Brazilian religious events but it mostly unheard of.

    If you're looking for something with religious properties I would recommend Salvia divinorum (Diviner's Sage). It's legal in most countries and has no known bad side effects. I've tried it once, I didn't have any hallucinations but I did have much greater insight for about an hour.

    Source(s): also if you just want to read about DMT here's an interesting bit
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Never heard of it. Is it new or am i just out of date?

  • 1 decade ago

    pretty obvious you are thinking of taking it ;)

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