"Haven't you been missing this through the summer...you little beauty!"?

It's not often i quote from Phil Gould without having a go at him and it's not often agree with anything he says at all. But boy have i missed my footy!

What a game to kick of NRL 2009!!

17-16 (lucky win storm!)

I was so pumped when big Dell made that break and put Cooper in to score and level it up.

But I don't know what made Hornby think he could slot a field goal from 55m out, if he just worked in down field into the corner there may have been a different outcome.

And couldn't you tell how the storm were missing big Israel. I seen the melbourne storm number 4 catch the ball in open space a few times tonight and anticipated a long range try...but then i realised it wasn't Folau. He is a big loss to the storm

Dragons deseerved the win for sure!

But oh well...welcome to the NRL premiership 2009!!


What did you think of the frist game, Dragons were not at there best and still nearly won...promising signs for the red V!

Update 2:

Yeah Bill, Melbourne threw a tonne of forward passes and got away with it. Dragons threw 1 and got penalised for it!!

And how about when storm got penalised for a "chicken wing" tackle, then Cam Smith asks the Ref "whats a chicken wing tackle"

You were doing it all last year Smithy and grappling cost you a grand final...don't play dumb mate!!

Update 3:

lol Angel, that was hilarious when Quinn played the ball the wrong way and he looked up and seen his team mates in front of him...his face was priceless.,

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    I was counting down the minutes till the first game. I'd been missing it so bad I was almost reduced to watching re-runs...

    First game was better than I expected with the two refs. I didn't see to many forward passes from Melbourne, and that line from Cam just cracked me up.

    I feel sorry for Anthony Quinn, he was spun round on his head, played the ball to the opposition then when he stood up and saw his own team looking back at him was just such a priceless look.

    omg and that idiot with the cow bell in Melbourne...That was so annoying I laughed when Joey brought it up that it was annoying him too.

    I'm not so sure the Broncos will be the big force they were before for this year at least. After being under Wayne for so long his style has been the only one in the Broncos culture, then the shock of a relatively new style comes and I think it will be a while till the Broncos are back to their best (because I'm sure they could have put the Cowboys away better than that)

    Totally agree that I hope the Knights smash 'em.

  • 1 decade ago

    Big Dell made an awesome break down the sideline to bring the dragons close to the win ... I am not a big fan of him but that was a great break.

    Israel will be missed along with the others that left ... the storm wont be quite as dominant as in the past which will be good for the competition.

    I agree with Phil Gould for once too - he hit the nail on the head!

  • Bill P
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I was jumping between this and the rugby, How on earth Hornby didn't get a penalty when he was taken out? It was a terrible decision from the ref. I watched the last few minutes though. People complain about forward passes in union but this was unbelieveable. I don't think the melbourne dummy half threw one pass that wasn't forward but not picked up by the ref and his touchies. What are these blokes paid for. It does lay the ground for the stories that Fox or whoever, wants Melbourne to be there.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah it was a great game, wendall was lucky to make that break, it certainly made up for all the mistakes he made throughout the game. It just goes to show, Melbourne still know how to finish off a golden point game. Israel is a big loss but Melbourne still have many key players... Go Storm!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    so they put 2 refs in, and they can't even give Hornby a penalty when he got taken out, stupid decision.

    i think that dragons should have won it and deserved to win it, but of course it's storm and they always get out of it.

    was impressed with the dragons tonight, not so much the storm, don't even know how they won

    good effort by the dragons, even though i go for newcastle knights i'm hoping dragons have a good season, just hope they play bad when they are versing knights :P:P

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Lol to Cameron Smith, "What's a chicken wing?"

    The Dragons played quite well, Soward seemed a little off with his tackling, especially when Inglis bumped him off to score first!

    Awesome game to start the season, hope every agme is like that this year!

  • 1 decade ago

    I've got foxtell this year you bloody ripper i get to watch real footy not the paddock ping pong they play over here as well as constantly shove down our throats.

    Being league fan in W.A can be a lonely existence , watching the grand final in a pub with 5 other nrl fan lacks atmosphere so the call is out W.A league fans unite grand final party at my house this year lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have to admit the Dragons did well last night & deserved the win. That referee should be sent to outer Whoop Whoop for the next two years to straighten out his thinking. Where the hell do they get them?Mitch, why don't you take up refereeing? lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mitch melbourne were just practising, next meeting the storm by 30 plus

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