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Does anyone here have a travel and tourism degree?

I am thinking about going into the field. What do you do for a living? What steps can I take to pursue this degree? Any tips are appreciated.

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    There are top accredited universities and top accredited colleges that offer Online/On campus Degrees in Tourism and Travel Management include:

    Strayer University

    Penn Foster Career School

    ICS Canada

    For your reference I am forwarding you the website link that will give you more information about this degree. The link is

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    My spouse's brother-in-regulation works for a substantial hotel chain as a concierge. it isn't any longer your favourite hotel........he has pictures of himself with lots of the travellers: Tom Landry, George Forman and Mick Jagger are evoked. $3 hundred-4 hundred a night. His bosses have this very degree and he states that many get placed into the administration software. The pay is robust, however the hours would be loopy. Even the concierge is paid properly. My spouse's cousin additionally has this degree and he or she is a vice concept at a intense college. i is not commute appropriate. She is likewise paid o.k.. solid success in college.

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